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  1. ideas: Ethiopia taking the whole of horn of africa utah, arizona and nevada merging florida and brazil are allies (pact of madmen) scotland takes nova scotia catalonia, basque and galicia independent and allied together (anti-spain pact) north korea takes manchuria australia has civil war (monarchists v communists, and emus work with commies)
  2. plz ad wasington dc, sealand and conch republic
  3. ibenhd54

    More Provinces

    plz can we have east and west berlin as seperate provinces to have a true cold war and germany scenario
  4. Hi guys, i have news New Civs civs like: South America Hackers Robloxia and way more HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iben's civs.rar
  5. something like this? ibenhd54 : hello guys, how are you?
  6. i estimate it would take about 1 or 2 more months to finish this mods
  7. can't wait,but are you still gonna use aachen or another county like england
  8. i made corporatism in my aoc2 do you think it would work in your mod?
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