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  1. Checkmate


    >If you take all of a country in the peace deal you should be able to take ALL of it and annex >When a country is pushing with their vassal and the vassal does not have a border (ex: germany invading france with slovakia vassal) the land occupied by the vassal should be occupied by the ruler unless it is the vassal who has the border (ex: soviet union and romania invading yugoslavia} :P
  2. Checkmate

    USA +provinces (WIP)

    Yeah I already have done that beforehand 😄
  3. Checkmate

    The game itself

    post 200 in this section, epic
  4. Checkmate

    More Leaders ver 1.0

    could you possibly put them in a zip instead?
  5. Checkmate

    USA +provinces (WIP)

    @Chexier be patient lol
  6. Checkmate

    USA +provinces (WIP)

    This is going faster than expected 😛
  7. Checkmate

    USA +provinces (WIP)

    1 state down......49 to go
  8. Checkmate

    USA +provinces (WIP)

  9. Checkmate

    USA +provinces (WIP)

    Wanted to make a usa states scenario with...more provinces (this will take a while) 😛
  10. Checkmate

    Changing map

    Thank you 😄
  11. Checkmate

    Changing map

    How do you change what map you're on when you open the exe for the map editor since it's always on the +provinces earth 😛
  12. Checkmate

    Map Editor - AoC2

    .-. i'm still confused somehow
  13. Checkmate

    Map Editor - AoC2

    lukasz here with the FACTS and KNOWLEDGE
  14. Checkmate

    Map Editor - AoC2

    i got it, how the HELL do i use this lol