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  1. Kind of, but not really because that was sort of stupid.
  2. Checkmate

    Name glitch

    there's an easier way to fix this, just hit esc, settings province settings then ajust font size by one, no need to restart
  3. This game could really use capitulation, because it often causes endless wars or countries not accepting peace because they have only about 2% of their provinces left So I propose that we have capitulation based of province value % remaining, for example. If the ussr has lost 65% of their province points they should capitulate, this would balance out large cities and rural areas having different values
  4. Checkmate


    >If you take all of a country in the peace deal you should be able to take ALL of it and annex >When a country is pushing with their vassal and the vassal does not have a border (ex: germany invading france with slovakia vassal) the land occupied by the vassal should be occupied by the ruler unless it is the vassal who has the border (ex: soviet union and romania invading yugoslavia} :P
  5. Yeah I already have done that beforehand 😄
  6. could you possibly put them in a zip instead?
  7. @Chexier be patient lol
  8. This is going faster than expected 😛
  9. 1 state down......49 to go
  10. Wanted to make a usa states scenario with...more provinces (this will take a while) 😛
  11. Checkmate

    Changing map

    Thank you 😄
  12. Checkmate

    Changing map

    How do you change what map you're on when you open the exe for the map editor since it's always on the +provinces earth 😛
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