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    553 BCE map

    The kingdom of Sindika, first known Adyghean state in caucasia, was found in V. Century BC, so they don't date back to 2-4. (1) You are wrong. The country "Circassia" was established in late 1600s, before, it was bunch of clans and families, they lived in peace between each other, so they are referred as one country. We dont say "I am Circassian" first. We say our clan "I am Hatuqwai" this made it hard to know when what we know as "Circassia" was formed, but it is known that they are the first peoples to live in Caucasia, along with chechens etc. 1: https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sindika
  2. CircassianKavkaz

    553 BCE map

    Almost all sources are Turkish as almost all of Circassians live in Turkey and no one other than Circassians care about us. I can give links tho http://www.circassiancenter.com/cc-turkiye/tarih/286_cerkeslerinatalari.htm https://www.turk.org.au/kimdir-bu-cerkesler-nereden-cikmislardir-nerelerde-yasamislardir/ http://cerkesya.org/kafkasya/tarih/kafkasya-tarihi/1155-sind-ve-meodlar http://www.kafkasevi.com/index.php/article/detail/29 https://m.bianet.org/biamag/toplum/13379-cerkesler-nerelidir http://kaffed.org/bilgi-belge/tarih/item/337-cerkesler-nerelidir.html
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      when you're in circassia crisis, yuo write  every topic you can as "add circossia, pl0x"

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    Medieval age Scenarios (962~1402)

    If you look at google, It will say that Circassia was formed in 1500 but thats the date we gained indepence from golden horde. Circassia's establishment is unknown but it is known that they were there since around 4000 BC (Sindo-Maots) and they fromed states like Sindika, Zychia. So add Circassia to Caucasia
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    1570 map (World)

    Circassia was a thing back then
  6. CircassianKavkaz

    553 BCE map

  7. CircassianKavkaz

    553 BCE map

    Circassians were at the area at the time. They were known as the Sindo-Maotic tribes but is referred as Circassia or Sindika by historians
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    Modern World Scenario with 1440 Europe

    That sucks 😞
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    The Modern Countries was in Ottoman Terrority

  10. CircassianKavkaz

    Modern World Scenario with 1440 Europe

    Circassia is considered europe since it's in north coucasia. Add it
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    Where is it from? 

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      Yes, when Kebab isnt removed and remember Poland cannot into space

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    Turkish war of indepence

    I made a Turkish war of indepence scenerio. Kurtuluş savaşı senaryosu yaptım. Here are some pictures:
  13. Welcome to my profile.

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    Turkish War of Independence V 1.0

    Why everyone is commenting potential Looks cool tho!
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    First World War Sc. 1.0

    There are like 300 ww1 scenerios man... which one should I use??