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  1. Ubys

    [Tool] Image to Province Converter

    Videotutorial please
  2. Ubys


    Ja wcale nie mam buntów bo je usunąłem XDDD
  3. Topic :v Help. Map in Stronghold ;ccc I'm failing ;cccc
  4. As the topic? xD Better to give independent colonies or give these territories under metropolis? What do you think?
  5. Ubys

    Stronghold (Author: UI3YS)

  6. Super universe... But crush 50% :Cccc I have a plan for universe - Stronghold 1 Help ;ccc
  7. Ubys

    Stronghold (Author: UI3YS)

    Super universe... But crush 50% :Cccc I have a plan for universe - Stronghold 1 Help ;ccc
  8. Remember, it must be .png no .jpg or another .gif. You're welcome :D
  9. Ubys

    Alternative 1444

    I part of screenshot ;P
  10. Ubys

    Alternative 1444

    WORKING IN PROGRESS XD ALTERNATIVE 1444 Author: UI3YS Universe: N-90 <Photo is new post>Sorry for name is polish country ;p What I did: New goverments: Iqta, Khanate, Theocracy New country: because of a different story. Ia. Anglosaxony, Francia Flags from Crusader Kings 2 :D A little history for scenario: Anglia not England - Normands not invaded of Anglia. Cumans invaded of Anatolia Hungary never has not stopped invading Europe [but officially does not] Poland is capital of not burning Opole - after invasion of Mongols Lithuanian still tribes, not ivaded of Rus Rus [Novogrod] she barely replied, Mongoose Plans for future: New goverments for: Baltic tribes, Subsahara tribes, suggestions? New diseases? Region of Ethiopian Curency of border Winland? to shatter of Holy Roman-Francia Empire Download in comming.
  11. Ubys

    Dark Ages - Rise of Islam ( HIATUS )

    Samo is capital not Praha, only Caranthia.
  12. Ubys

    AoC II | Województwa

    Już pewne dzieci się w to bawią... A po za tym map editor to shet
  13. Ubys

    Map editor

    Cooporation? :D
  14. Ubys

    [Tool] Image to Province Converter

    Videotutorial xd