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  1. Change the date of fuhrer is dead event by 10 days. It will be fixed in the next update. I hadn’t realised it in the previous one since I was playing as Germany while testing.
  2. Yes. Regional unification events for all the successors of Pasternak and special events for Modernists.
  3. I don’t think this will be possible in the future since I’ve removed the choices apart from the ai only one for the GCW event (actually I thought that the current released version also doesn’t have them but apparently I was wrong). Those choices were a remnant of the mod which I had used as a base for my mod (mentioned on the first page).
  4. I don’t have any experience with creating or running a discord server so I’m not sure how good of an idea that is. Specially due to the nature of the mod.
  5. Perhaps yes. Not anytime soon though.
  6. Parts of the Modernist focus tree will be represented via events. Specifically the parts where you have to make choices and the parts where the tree converges to a single point. The part in blue will have events related to them as shown below. (In cases where the description is long, it is possible in the game to scroll down to read all of it.)
  7. Many of Goering's RKs have been present since the first release some of which are shown here. You'll have to manually release them though I think I had added the European, African, Russian and some Middle Eastern ones.
  8. Shift the date of either the fuhrer is dead or the power struggle begins event by 10 days. Apparently the ai can't handle more than a certain number of events per turn.
  9. I tried it and it ended up significantly improving turn speed. Its strange that two provinces caused such performance issues. Thank you for this discovery.
  10. The way it is intended can be seen in this old post
  11. The Vologda thing is intended. The other two aren’t.
  12. When hitler dies you'll get two events. After you click them you have to follow the instructions given on one of them (power struggle begins event). Basically you have to release yourself as your preferred candidate and then wait for the civil war. Also to end the civil war you will have to sign a peace treaty with your enemies after you have defeated them. Once you do so an event will trigger which annexes their remaining territories. I'll make the instructions clearer in the next update to prevent such confusions.
  13. When I translated it it says: My problem is that I choose the civil war side, for example, seeing that the civil war does not start or I choose heyderich, and the civil war fails, and when you choose speer or bormann before the battle begins, you are included in the civil war and you cannot establish a lebensraum in any way. So your issue is the civil war does not start if you choose heydrich and you are unable to reestablish Germany's Reichskommisariats?
  14. classes.dex is the file's name
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