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  1. Aryan

    Flag Competition

    That is not an alternate flag. That is Italy's true flag.
  2. Events need a start date and trigger. Use civilization exists if you just want it to happen everytime. You can create multiple decisions.When the event fires the recipient get to choose one of them and every outcome under it happens.To create uprising use annex or occupy,declare war and add army. If you want the population to convert to the new civ there is no elegant way. The best is to remove population of the original vivah and add an equal population of the new civ.
  3. You can reduce ai aggressiveness before starting a game
  4. They will never give away core. You have to trade with them shortly after they annex the province
  5. Trigger: Civilization exists Date:As per your choice but don't forget to add a start date Outcome:Annexation. New owner: civil name Declare war: Egypt,civi Add army:as per your wish Change ideology: rebels Trigger another event:event name
  6. You can demand annexation of your vassal.(Tip: If you demand vassalization during peace deal you won't get a truce and if you demand annexation immediately they accept 99% of the time).After this go to release vassal.On one side you would see the civilizations you have conquered. Click on them and set their capital(It automatically chooses the largest city otherwise). Once you release them as a vassal they will have your ideology.
  7. It is Eid-ul-zuha today and muslims all over the world celebrate it not just in Turkey (I know this because it is being celebrated in India as well).
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