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  1. Are you still planning to add focus trees and various levels of vassals?
  2. It works on Android. I am not sure what you did wrong but you probably forgot to update the file at the end of Leaders folder. If you add a scenario, leader or civilization you need to update the file at the end of their folder. Just write those weird numbers and letters(ex 1234664369asogn) at the end and put a semi colon after each of the names. It is troublesome if you are adding too many of them but it has to be done.
  3. I just noticed that Siberia is spelled wrong in the image. Just to let you know. By the way, any updates on the release date?
  4. I had posted a solution in this forum, probably the previous page
  5. The madmen actually did it in this reality. This is enlightenment.
  6. You're welcome. I know that feeling of euphoria that comes when you finally see that keyboard.
  7. Find regular aoc2 a p k Use MT manager to replace the classes.dex file of the add-on+ with that of aoc2 original. Sign the a p k (or if you had turned on auto sign no need to do it again) Install it
  8. Just find a regular aoc2 a p k and add its file to the add-on+ a p k. The manager will automatically replace the file. Then sign the a p k and install its signed version.
  9. Why did updates about the mod stop.

    Even if you don't plan on competing it, please release an alpha of the mod. At the very least we would get to play the scenarios which you have created like we with events.

  10. I used MT Manager I had earlier said the wrong file name. I had meant classes.dex
  11. I replaced a bunch of files till the keyboard worked and probably classes.dex (more likely) or AndroidManifest.xml has to do with the bug. I am not sure since I replaced them both before running the app. I also replaced a file in language folder but I don't think that it caused the bug since when I ran the app it didn't fix the bug but it is possible that you need to replace more than one files. Sorry about the rant. Edit: Okay I tested a bit and I can confirm that only classes.dex needs to be replaced.Eureka!
  12. Aryan

    PC Mods for android

    The --- means a p k. If you type the word then it automatically changes to the dashes
  13. Aryan

    PC Mods for android

    Summary: Extract --- Use ZArchiver or some other app to extract zip or rar file of the scenario Use MT manager to view the --- on one side world the screen and the extracted scenario folder on the other (you will understand this when you open the app). Paste the scenarios in the extracted folder at assets->map->Earth->scenarios. There will be a file at the end of the scenario folder. Open it in text editor of mt manager and write the scenario tags(the names of folders like ww2 or a series of letters and numbers which are present in the scenario folders)of the new scenarios separated by semicolons. In case the mod adds new government,ui,event pictures (not events in the scenarios but the photo which appears when an event triggers it is purely cosmetic) etc paste those in their respective folders. Sign the ---. Install. See the video in case I missed anything.
  14. There is already a multiplayer (hotseat). You have to click add player while choosing a country.
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