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  1. You are supposed to follow instructions and release yourself as your preferred candidate when you get the power struggle event. The options you saw were a failsafe in case the player doesn’t do that. Do what’s shown here https://www.reddit.com/r/AgeOfCivilizations/comments/k3bm1y/german_civil_war_in_the_next_update_of_the_tno_mod/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  2. Currently changing the Central Siberian events so that someone apart from Novosibirisk can win for once.
  3. Android- Install a p k PC- Replace aoc2 files with the ones provided
  4. Komi ai leader change event will be in the next update. I don't know when I'll add Britain. I had added some events for them to go after their neighbours and that's probably going to be the only content they get for some time. USA, Japan and Italy's elections are higher on the priority list.
  5. You’re right. The original event for GCW used to give the borders from an old GCW image, when I changed it to account for the new GCW I seem to have only removed Goering from Austria and forgot to give him silesia.
  6. The world map already is darker than usual. You want it even darker or are you talking about the old map background?
  7. Changes will be made to Central Siberia, Sverdlvosk and Tyumen. Aktau will be removed and leader portrait ratios will change since that’s the way the poll seems to be going. USA will get 1964 election. I may change the end of the reichstaat to make it how it’s supposed to be if I get the time though it’s unlikely.
  8. I have another question for all of you. Do you prefer the leader portraits to be 88x100(current, the wider one) or 156x210(hoi4 portrait ratio)? I currently use 88x100 since that was the standard aoc2 ratio. Plus the population pie chart hides less of the face with it. But the wide portraits were slightly bothering me when I was resizing portraits for Tomsk. I have added a poll where you can vote.
  9. They have events only till regional unification. Most unifiers who have content only have events till regional. I thought that most unifiers who switch their flags do so at that stage and players wouldn't mind it much since they can change the name and it saved time for me so I'd worry about superregional and national once most of the regionals were done.
  10. Ukhta (WRRF), Plesetsk (WRRF), Samara, Omsk, Sverdlvosk, Tomsk (they don’t have elections right now), Novosibirisk, Omolon (Divine Mandate of Siberia), Irkutsk and Buryatia all get events for unifying the regional levels. There are others who go to war with all their opponents in the region but don’t have any event in case they win,like Vyatka, Aryan Brotherhood, Chita, Magadan and Amur. All west russian warlords who don’t have events for unifying the region have been given a formable civ, including all the Komi candidates.
  11. I have posted a poll about the fate of Aktau. Some people didn’t seem to like that they were removed in hoi4 tno so I thought I’ll let people decide if they want them or not in aoc2 tno.
  12. I'll be adding options for Sverdlovsk, Tyumen and Tyumen to have different leaders. If you have any other suggestions for what you think I should add then let me know. I can't say right now when I'll be releasing it.
  13. Yes. It will use the same system as Komi does right now.
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