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  1. Aryan

    Star Wars mod

    I tried whatever I could but the map doesn't work for no apparent reason. I can see it in the background in the loading screen but the loading never finishes. The leaders and civs are fine. I'll try again with the new version. Usually such maps work fine on android if you use the a p k editor correctly. Can you give the assets>map folder from your aoc2 without removing any folder except Earth, Kepler etc? Its a little extreme but this has the best chance of success.
  2. To be fair, paradox games have awful bordergore too.
  3. You can import a scenario on a non-rooted phone using an a p k editor. Just wanna clear this misconception.
  4. If you are on Android then extract the aoc2 a p k, use an a p k editor to add the desired scenario in assets>map>Earth (or whichever map you use)>scenarios. There will be a file named Age of Civilizations at the bottom of that folder. Open it and type the scenario name followed by a semi colon ; at the end. Sign the a p k and install it. Done. I generally use MT Manager for this (open the Age of Civilizations file using the text editor option, you'll understand when you try to open it).
  5. Aryan

    Star Wars mod

    I am currently trying to port this mod into android but I've run into an issue. When loading it gets stuck at Loading Addon 99% but doesn't seem to go further. I am pretty sure that the issue is related to the map. If you know of anything that might have caused this, then please tell me, I'd appreciate that. I read that someone else had a similar issue and I tried to do use the same soultion but it didn't work.
  6. Its nice to see someone making tutorials to help people realise the full potential of this game. One thing, you forgot to mention to set the ai chance of each decision. Also, there's a description option in the event.
  7. Aryan

    Star Wars mod

    Does your loading get stuck or did you forget to sign it? Also if you are downloading this one then there are multiple things you'll have to paste at the right places, not just the scenario. I'd recommend trying to download another scenario which works on the regular map first to make sure you understand the procedure.
  8. Aryan

    Star Wars mod

    Alright. I made a tutorial for you. This is the first time I am editing so its kinda bad but I have added some text to explain the steps which weren't clear in my opinion. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I'll be happy to help. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z6sNay5EGebT0GfJfYnHLVZzX7jTojNZ/view?usp=drivesdk Edit: If the video appears to be highly compressed(when I tested the link that happened) then download it to be able to read properly.
  9. Aryan

    Star Wars mod

    General Kenobi
  10. Aryan

    Star Wars mod

    You can edit the file into the a p k to play the scenario. There are tutorials on YouTube for that.
  11. Then you might have to take an image the old fashioned way(using your phone to take the image). It would still be better than nothing. Your scenario is pretty good. Just one thing, in the UI there's only the H folder. You also need to post the XH and other folders with similar names for proper implementation of the ideology icons.
  12. So far as I am aware rooting is the only option for Android. Never played the ios version but I doubt it'll be any different.
  13. I come here after weeks to see if there's any new info about the mod. Instead I find whatever those arguments were. I think imma just play Addon+ and Minecraft in lockdown for now.
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