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  1. Aryan

    From the Ashes

    You can use MT manager to paste the file in the scenario folder. I have played a lot of scenarios using this on my mobile.
  2. Aryan

    Vassals glitch

    If your nation was fascist, and a nation was, say communist(or any ideology apart from fascist) and then you annexed them and then release it then they become fascist and the glitch doesn't occur. But if you annex a nation that was fascist and then release them then this glitch happens. This was just an example and it is true for all ideologies.
  3. There isn't a mod like that. However if you go to the army map mode you will get a list of all the places where your troops are along with their quantity and upkeep. So if you wanna regroup you can go into that mode click on the groups in the the list and use move to to make them go to a specific province. It still takes time but it is useful if you have a large empire.
  4. Aryan


    You can only remove the leader so far as I know, I don't think that you can put another leader in his place. One alternative would be to make another civil with the desired leader annex them but that would complicate a lot of things.
  5. Aryan


    Unfortunately you can't change your leader by any means. At most, you can remove a leader if that civ forms a union with another civ through an event.
  6. I meant Kerela for some reason it was autocorrected to Mereka
  7. Assam has northern Bangladesh and Punjab is too big. Kerela should probably be communist (their leading party is Marxist). Do not take this as criticism, I am just trying to help out. Nice flags.
  8. Alternatively, use control province 0% republican spain for the spanish mainland. This would mean that the event triggers when they lose the mainland.
  9. Just use annexation in outcome and do not pit any country in current owner column and put nationalist spain in new owner column. I have tried this in my WW2 scenario. If you do not put any country in current owner then it gives them that territory regardless of who controls it.
  10. Are you still planning to add focus trees and various levels of vassals?
  11. It works on Android. I am not sure what you did wrong but you probably forgot to update the file at the end of Leaders folder. If you add a scenario, leader or civilization you need to update the file at the end of their folder. Just write those weird numbers and letters(ex 1234664369asogn) at the end and put a semi colon after each of the names. It is troublesome if you are adding too many of them but it has to be done.
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