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  1. Yes, I have tried it several times. It is a bit lengthy to explain so I will give you a link to where I explained it in more detail.
  2. I have seen plenty of people asking how to do this. The process isn't very neat and is easy to mess up so it is advisable to save before doing it.I will assume that you can use console commands. There are plenty of tutorials for that. Here it goes. Let's take Germany and France as our example. You're Germany and want to switch to France. Use console command addplayer to control France. As France offer Germany any province, say Calais. As Germany accept the offer and then release yourself as any nation in Calais(make sure that you have ticked the play as released vassal button and that you are only giving that one province. I have occasionally messed this up). Then as Calais offer a union to France(not the other way around if you wanna have the French tag, weird I know). Accept the union and voila you are in single player again. If you wish to change your flag back to normal the n just switch your ideology and then switch it back.(if you are a poor nation you can use the formable nations editor to do it in a relatively cheap way, though it is a bit more tedious. Go to Editor>Map editor>Whichever map you use>Formable nations. You can probably figure out the rest. If you can't just ask.) If this was too confusing then you can ask me what you don't understand. I can probably make a video tutorial if you want.(Due to timezones and the fact that I don't check everyday, you might have to wait a while for the reply). You can use this method to avoid border gore, make your vassals join your alliance to allow your allies and other vassals to pass through them, change their ideology(though there is a simpler way to do that), make them form a certain nation when your allies just refuse to form a nation for whatever reason, add a little flavour to your game or simply to switch to a nation which you find interesting in any of your game (and probably a lot more).
  3. Aryan

    Remove player?

    Use a combination of play as released vassal and then union. You will retain the alliances, puppets, leaders and formable nations. I'll go into more detail if anyone wants because the process will take some time to get used to.
  4. Use a combination of play as released vassal and union. I have tried it multiple times. The process can take a while to figure out perfectly so I can explain more if you want.
  5. There is no neat way to change the country. I was able to find a somewhat neat way to change country but it is not possible to do so using events. You'll probably have to give the instructions in the description and hope the player follows them. The method uses play as released vassal and union to switch or remove countries. I can go into more detail if you want.
  6. So will it work like the system in hoi4 where you have to get the victory points and the country capitulates?
  7. The format of the website seems to have changed so only members can use it. You'll probably have to sign up. (At least that's what I am getting. When I downloaded it, this wasn't the case.)
  8. Kinda late but here you go if this still helps Age_of_Civilizations.json
  9. Aryan

    Game opening problem

    Did you mess around with the Add-on+ file? That is usually when I encounter such a thing.
  10. After some experiments I realized that the ai ends the war before the event can fire. I did not encounter this since I was doing Spanish Civil War and islands are involved. I also never encounter it when I am playing as that nation. I have a theory. If you give each side an insignificant province in the ocean through the event that begins the war, then this should not happen as the provinces will remain occupied. The ai takes a lot of time before peacing out in case of a stalemate.You can return the provinces by the event that ends the war. I would recommend giving the islands of the small Pacific nations since they rarely do anything. This would ensure that your gameplay is not affected. I will have to test this out.(I am currently making two 4 way civil wars so I will have plenty of opportunities to do that.) I know how difficult it can be to get civil wars to work.
  11. Aryan

    From the Ashes

    You can use MT manager to paste the file in the scenario folder. I have played a lot of scenarios using this on my mobile.
  12. Aryan

    Vassals glitch

    If your nation was fascist, and a nation was, say communist(or any ideology apart from fascist) and then you annexed them and then release it then they become fascist and the glitch doesn't occur. But if you annex a nation that was fascist and then release them then this glitch happens. This was just an example and it is true for all ideologies.
  13. There isn't a mod like that. However if you go to the army map mode you will get a list of all the places where your troops are along with their quantity and upkeep. So if you wanna regroup you can go into that mode click on the groups in the the list and use move to to make them go to a specific province. It still takes time but it is useful if you have a large empire.
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