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  1. Sire,in the upcoming updates could you please add more Burgundy events.

    Like sabotaging countries, economies, causing civil unrest,etc.

    Also i would appreciate if during the GCW Martin Borman would recive major debuffs.

    Then afterwards if he did somehow win those rebuffs should be absent.

    Throughout all most all my games Borman won the GCW only once have i seen hydrich win,Wich was surprising.

    Also would be cool for goring to have bombing,air raid events like bombing causes major damage to cities and the income of those cites,air raids kills either civillians or troops on specific provinces.

    Hope these ideas make it to a future update or something similar thank you fo your time sire.




    1. Aryan


      I am certainly going to debuff Bormann. Burgundy itself may not get events in the next update but I'm going to add Heydrich's path, so if you help him win as Burgundy then you can take part in the SS Civil War.

    2. Albert speer

      Albert speer

      Good idea sire.

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