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  1. 5 hours ago, Chairman Baad said:

    I found an interesting way to break the GCW.


    I don’t think this will be possible in the future since I’ve removed the choices apart from the ai only one for the GCW event (actually I thought that the current released version also doesn’t have them but apparently I was wrong). Those choices were a remnant of the mod which I had used as a base for my mod (mentioned on the first page).

  2. 3 hours ago, Vyatkomsk said:

    Aryan, do you think we should make a Discord server specifically for your TNO adaptation? We can bring in anyone from TNO community as well as AOC community if they want to contribute to your mod

    There is already a mod for TNO-style flags

    TNO-style portraits already exist in your mod but not the style of the flags


    I don’t have any experience with creating or running a discord server so I’m not sure how good of an idea that is. Specially due to the nature of the mod.

  3. Parts of the Modernist focus tree will be represented via events. Specifically the parts where you have to make choices and the parts where the tree converges to a single point.IMG_20210407_201424.thumb.JPG.4fb699a7dcb3437a99f0e5b15f847097.JPG

    The part in blue will have events related to them as shown below.


    (In cases where the description is long, it is possible in the game to scroll down to read all of it.)


  4. 4 hours ago, Vyatkomsk said:

    I think more Reichkommisariats should be available especially for those who want to re-enact Goring's Wild Ride



    Both of these pages show how much Reichkommisariats can be made out of the world conquest. a new RKs can be made out of conquering all regions they are part of, such as making RK Balkan if conquering all Balkans for example

    Look at both pages and all images to see all RKs all over Earth

    the flags and leaders for RKs should be replicated as well to add nuance to all of them

    the only RK that should not be added is RK Slowakei since Slovakia is a country too small to become an RK (it would be part of Germany proper like how Bohemia ended up as) i think personally

    Many of Goering's RKs have been present since the first release some of which are shown here. You'll have to manually release them though 

    I think I had added the European, African, Russian and some Middle Eastern ones.

  5. On 4/3/2021 at 5:51 PM, Shop_Soy said:

    I also accidentally used some UI from @Aryan when I tried to make the map darker, I could try to remove it but I'm scared to break the game so Aryan if you're reading this I'm just sorry, to compensate you from my mistake I would like to tell anyone who's reading this to check out @Aryan's Mods, they are simply amazing.

    I don't have any issues with it. The mod looks interesting btw.

  6. 30 minutes ago, Bomhara said:

    when you play not for Germany, the Pact of Unity does not disintegrate, but simply changes its name to the African Pact, and it includes all the participants in the Pact of Unity, with the exception of Ostaland and Muscovy, and sometimes Ukraine, when it declares independence, and of course well, Germany itself is also not included there. How to make sure that when playing not for Germany, the unity pact disintegrates completely?

    Shift the date of either the fuhrer is dead or the power struggle begins event by 10 days. Apparently the ai can't handle more than a certain number of events per turn.

  7. 5 hours ago, player said:

    That's why the first 10 moves rewind slowly. You just need to make them empty or give to some country 


    Screenshot_20210403-090642_The New Order.jpg

    Screenshot_20210403-090731_The New Order.jpg

    I tried it and it ended up significantly improving turn speed. Its strange that two provinces caused such performance issues. Thank you for this discovery.

  8. 5 hours ago, Vyatkomsk said:

    I meant Samara grabbing land from Omsk just like that without even War happening. I think it could be a bug, like how i saw WRRF taking Vologda also without War. When i played Amur a few days ago, i did not attack Magadan yet the event showing Magadan defeat happened anyways and i got all Magadan lands

    The Vologda thing is intended. The other two aren’t.

  9. 2 hours ago, Deniz Sahin Akkaya said:

    same but not only heydrich heydrich and goering And when I choose speer and bormann, the civil war ends before it starts and the lebensraum cannot be installed

    When hitler dies you'll get two events. After you click them you have to follow the instructions given on one of them (power struggle begins event). Basically you have to release yourself as your preferred candidate and then wait for the civil war. Also to end the civil war you will have to sign a peace treaty with your enemies after you have defeated them. Once you do so an event will trigger which annexes their remaining territories. I'll make the instructions clearer in the next update to prevent such confusions.

  10. 13 hours ago, Deniz Sahin Akkaya said:

    First of all, I apologize for using Turkish because I couldn't explain my problem in Turkish from translation. Sorunum şu ben iç savaş tarafı seçiyorum mesela göring onda iç savaş başlamıyor yada heyderich'i seçiyorum ondada iç savaş başarısız eventi geliyor svaş başlamadan speer veya bormann'ı seçincede iç savaş başlamadan berlinde dahil alıyorsun ve hiç bir şekilde lebensraum kuramıyorsun

    When I translated it it says: My problem is that I choose the civil war side, for example, seeing that the civil war does not start or I choose heyderich, and the civil war fails, and when you choose speer or bormann before the battle begins, you are included in the civil war and you cannot establish a lebensraum in any way.


    So your issue is the civil war does not start if you choose heydrich and you are unable to reestablish Germany's Reichskommisariats?

  11. 1 hour ago, Vyatkomsk said:

    The map looks better now in this update, less darker. also all Russian warlords should be given more population, more starting money and army, and full assimilation of provinces in just 15 turns, so as to have an equal chance at quicker unification before 1970 as i stated before. When i played Omsk once i lost alot of southern Urals to Samara, is that an error?

    I can't change the time it takes for assimilation for one region. I will make some other changes to the unification wars like giving some money after conquering certain enemies or giving soldiers upon war declaration in a way that balances things more, though these changes will first be fully implemented in central siberia.

    Samara is meant to go to war with south urals when Omsk gets the event to go after them. Is that what you were referring to?

  12. A look at some of the things in the next update.Screenshot_20210328-195244.thumb.png.ab637aa973ea55b39af4debad7ea4ad8.png

    Options for a partial victory will be present for both sides in the South African War. Also when the SAW begins USA gets an event to send some aid to South Africa. If South Africa survives long enough then the USA can intervene more directly. Also when the war lasts for some months then Angola rebels. Apart from this the Schild members and RK Madagascar will start with a significant deficit money to weaken them.Screenshot_20210328-195215.thumb.png.bfe2be189c446183cdc8e76928c6360a.png

    The PRC will have to fight Mengjiang now. They can end up losing most of their land in the war. Also Amur will now get the part of Manchuria below their capital via an event instead of starting with it.


    All Central Siberian warlords will have a regional unification event. Also the unification wars in the region have been reworked for balance purposes. I intend to add regional unification event for the Harbin three, then all unifiers except West Russia will have a regional unification event. Also the peace events for the Harbin war have been slightly altered since Chita always won and then always lost to the communists.

  13. 16 hours ago, Vyatkomsk said:

    Aryan, your mod is great but needs more work and update. for instance the world map is too dark, even darker than the actual TNO from HOI4, make it more lighter looking. and buff Russian warlords by giving more starting money for them and more events that can raise troops, like how Omsk gets buffed up against Zlatoust. also when i first played Omsk, it ended in 1981 and still did not manage to unite Russia entirely, only the Western half. all Russian warlords should be given an equal chance at winning fast to unite Russia by 1969. so assimilating Russian provinces should be made easier, like having a 100% stable region in 20 turns for any Russian warlords as opposed to 50, needing just at least 600$ to fully assimilate a Russian province, and having new country leaders switch without making vassals. again this is an Omsk-related issue as well as when the Karbyshev death event happened, i had to make a second Omsk just to get Yazov. that can be changed somehow by having Karbyshev replaced with Yazov instantly in 1963 without making a 2nd Omsk, and keeping same ammount of provinces, troops, and money from 1962 onward.

    What i say is that any player-lead Russian warlord, especially Omsk, should be given more buffs and easier assimilation of provinces to unify Russia as fast as in HOI4. during the Great Trial event, if you play as Omsk, only 2 songs will play. 1st is a full version of Sacred War, 2nd is Battle on the Ice should play. the versions of Sacred War and Battle on Ice that should play during the Great Trial are this one for Sacred War,

    and this one for Battle on Ice.

    Omsk should be given more troops as to make it stronger to show it is ready for The Great Trial, and then once reaching into Germany proper after taking all Reichkommisariats, Thermonuclear War even would likely happen (but not in a prolonged GCW, or Heydrich winning the GCW then followed by a second GCW, or even a DSR takeover) and having the Anarchy take over all map by having 99999999 troops in the randomly starting provinces all over Earth it gets then declaring war on every country after the event to show end of the world.

    The mod needs more military music. more Russian, more German, more Japanese, more American, more Italian, and so on. and specific music from any country should play only if you play as that country, like for example if you play as a Russian warlord, only Russian music will play.

    in regards to Germany, i think DSR and Armeeverband Freies Europa should be added too. from what i read on the TNO subreddit, it said apparently that DSR can make "Volkskommisariats", so a expansionist DSR taking over Europe could happen too.

    as for Japan, the Great Asian War needs should be added soon as well for more Asia content.

    during Goring's Wild Ride, buffing Germany as hard as possible should be added to replicate the most possible extent of German expansion.

    In Speer's path, Gang of 4 should be included.

    Your TNO mod is great and addictive, but needs more work, such as events easier and faster conquering, and more music. So far so good, remember my ideas, they can be added step by step, time by time.

    hopefully your TNO mod can add all sorts of content from all TNO submods, it would be fun for more playthrough.


    and i played as both Vyatka and Omsk at the same time recently, because i have a headcanon of Yazov and the Black League allying with Vladimir III to make a Second Russian Empire. I unified Russia by 1968 after forming a Vyatka-Omsk union, so comfy

    and when i tried to play as Goring's Germany, when the GCW began, it just showed me defeat and could not choose any GCW side, is this a bug or have i picked the wrong events path?

    I can make some improvements to the stuff in Russia. But I cannot allow switching leaders without switching countries. I have learned some things which should minimise the negative effects of the tag switch for a player. Also right now only regional unification has been implemented as I wanted to to make it work properly before I add full unification. Also I cannot change music via events or depending on what you're playing as. I have plans to add more stuff for Germany in the future. As for Japan the Great Asian War has been added already (it has some issues at the moment but it should trigger every time). As for the last thing when playing Germany you will get a power struggle event when Hitler dies. Follow the instructions given in the event and release yourself as one of the candidates. 

    Also keep in mind that adding content for Germany and every Russian unifier will take some time.

  14. 3 hours ago, Chairman Baad said:

    That seems to have fixed it. So the save glitch has something to do with the events in the screenshot.

    Good to hear that it worked. I think I’ll be able to fix that.

  15. I think that this might now be the best aoh2 mod ever. Specially due to the capitulation mechanic added which people had wanted in the game for a long time. I played a short game to test it and it actually woked, though I think that they had lost at least 90% of their provinces by the time they surrendered. Still it prevents the hassle of navally invading all islands. Rebellions also seem to be a lot more powerful unlike the pitiful hopeless rebellions usually encountered. I have only played one game in this mod so far so I haven't seen or understood all the new things properly but I'm really liking what I've seen so far.

  16. 23 hours ago, Chairman Baad said:

    I loaded three different saves past turn 20. All of them got corrupted to shit. I think this mod's about to either get P.I.'d or have a lot of events taken out or reworked.

    Does your game get corrupted automatically when you get past turn 20 everytime?

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