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  1. I have seen the first two happen. Closing the game, starting a new game, playing one turn and then loading it tends to fix it.
  2. Do you mean you want rivers or you want the map to look like that?
  3. It hasn't been abandoned just paused due to exams. Work will resume at the end of march.
  4. Didn't think about this. This should prevent manually changing ideology if set for all of them.
  5. Don't worry it will be fixed. Apparently the ai can't handle more than one or two events in a turn which causes this. Simply shifting the fuhrer is dead event back ten days will fix this.
  6. If you're on pc then it hasn't been added yet.
  7. Its not been properly implemented yet but if you fulfill the requirements for the USA or Japan threatens nuclear war events then it can trigger.
  8. It currently uses the same map.
  9. Amur is fine but Jungle work sounds too out of place. It only makes sense for werbell.
  10. I don’t see the situation affecting this mod in any way. I still enjoy TNO (despite some strange and perhaps even a few toxic parts of the community, there are significant parts of the community which are talented and make artwork with a unique aesthetic or write interesting fan made stories or head cannon etc) and AoC2 (despite its bugs, the game still allows to do a lot of things without spending hours learning it) so I have motivation to continue working on it. I’m not on the TNO discord so my info about the matter comes from hearing what the two sides had to say and I don’t know which side
  11. The progress of the next update will probably be on hold for some time because my exams are going to be held in March.
  12. If you have the territories then you should get an event in 1970 if you have the current version of the mod.
  13. Don't run the exe. Copy the aoc2 files with the files in the folder.
  14. Only 1964 presidents for now.
  15. All of them since the mod changes several things. You may wanna make a backup of your old files.
  16. What did you do after downloading? You have to replace the aoc2 files with the ones provided.
  17. Nothing bad ever happens to the Kenn-
  18. They are supposed to leave but it bugged out a little and so they only leave if a player controls Germany. I'll fix that.
  19. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QcxeqnkhEcYaaltgj_rwp4hT3ngXY5hW/view?usp=drivesdk Try using this. I have lesser experience in dealing with the pc version so I'm not sure if it'll work.
  20. For computer you’ll have to edit the exe file and go to age>of>civilizations2>jakowski>lukasz (the path name may vary slightly) the files inside that should be similar to the ones in classes.dex>age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz for android. I think if you do what I told you earlier there, it may work.
  21. Can't say for sure but I'd say two or three weeks.
  22. The next update will take longer than the earlier ones since I'm not spending as much time on it as I used to due to lesser free time.
  23. You shouldn't thank me. You should thank @Dmitry Bunt who told me how to do this.
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