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  1. Yes but it will be a slow process.
  2. Install the a p k for Android. Replace the aoh2 files with the ones provided for pc.
  3. The ai aggressiveness thing will be in the next one. What do you mean by moving capitals and not Germania?
  4. Sorry but no. I don't think there's any reasonable way with which I can add such a thing.
  5. Yes the Iberian wars will be added eventually but not in this one.
  6. There isn't any fixed date but it should be a week or two at most.
  7. (Also Anarchy’s name will no longer appear on the map)
  8. Not much. Mainly only the post war treaty. I am aware that sitting for ten years waiting for the war as Japan isn't fun so I've added a 1972 start date.
  9. It will take a little time. I am updating the ui, map background as well as adding events for Moskowien collapse (which involves several new civs and leaders) and Great asian War.
  10. Its not a bug. I messed up a little while making events. I didn't add an event which forms USSR but there's an event which they receive after they form and apparently that makes the game think that USSR exists.
  11. PC players have to manually replace their aoh2 files with the ones in the mod.
  12. Understandable but aoh2 is the only mobile game where you can even come close so I'll do what I can. If a person wants to play it in the unintended way I don't see why it should demotivate me. I give them the option to play something closer to HOI4 TNO but if they don't want to then that's that.
  13. I made the regional unifiers go to war through the trade request and when Samara won, I changed their name. I wanted to have a somewhat strong Russia which could put up some fight when I invaded.
  14. I am not going to have the same kind of thermonuclear war as in hoi4 TNO. Currently I plan to have such an event remove a quarter or half of the two participants' population, economy and development and turn several major cities into wasteland. But the whole world won't become wasteland.
  15. Some of them will have to wait till I go through them in hoi4 TNO to understand what sort of events they'll need. Goering's European, African, Russian and Middle eastern RKs are already in the mod even though he doesn't have events so you can recreate his borders. (His campaign is fairly similar to a regular game anyway, just with more attention to the speed of the invasion)
  16. Leader change event in Tomsk would require making some changes to events in the whole region which is why there isn't an election event in Timsk right now and Pasternak remains the leader. Same goes for Werbell. Also the only wholesome thing which I know of he does is not shoot Mikhail and ask for a ransom instead, which isn't very wholesome either. I was thinking of adding Moscowien collapse or Great Asian War so Britain will probably have to wait.
  17. This happens whenever an event changes the ideology or changes one CIV into another. Saving and loading tends to fix the problem.
  18. I can't really help there. When I play on Android turns normalize from turn 11.
  19. For some candidates a few events were firing before the civil war began. Is this what you were referring to?
  20. Has 1970 started and did the event titled Bukharinism fire?
  21. If you find any event which isn't working as you think it should then report it to me. I would appreciate the feedback since it isn't possible for me to test every event thoroughly.
  22. Any civs in particular whose border and/or colour bothers you? Because changing all would take some time so I'd like to work on ones that stand out the most to be fixed first.
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