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  1. Any civs in particular whose border and/or colour bothers you? Because changing all would take some time so I'd like to work on ones that stand out the most to be fixed first.
  2. I did take the addon+ borders into account but I can't implement them exactly since this scenario was based on the demo version of TNO and borders changed a lot since that version. Plus I made some changes for places like Gorky whose borders could have been made more accurate to TNO in my oppinion but weren't. The colour pallet in my mod could use some changes though.
  3. Can you tell me which changes you think should be implemented? The provinces in TNO and Aoc2 are very different so making the exact borders won't be possible.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions. I will try to implement them over time.
  5. The map background was made by Chairman Baad so you'll have to ask him.
  6. The game tends to get more bugged as the turns pass, I am not aware of anything I can do to help with that. Plus it seems as if every device has separate kinds of bugs, when I play till 1975 or so I only got the 0 releations bug but nothing like this.
  7. I always set ai aggressiveness to 50
  8. Changes in version 1.0.1: - Special mechanics for Speer, Goering and Heydrich so they have a chance against Bormann - Events for Buryatia till the regional unification plus two variations of the Russian Reunification event depending on your path - Leader change event for Komi as well as formable civs for all their leader's regional stage - Formables added for West Russian warlords - Changes made to war and peace events
  9. In this mod, I haven't added different flags for different ideologies. If you want to then you have to add a .png flag named (civ tag)_(ideology tag) in the flags and flagsH folder in the assets>game folder.
  10. PC and Android are only supposed to be different in terms of installation process.
  11. I don't know exactly but its gotta be over 150. Keep in mind that many are just one country declaring war on another in the russian unification wars.
  12. Yes. The events in both versions are same.
  13. You have to replace assets>game>language>civilizations>Bundle.properties.
  14. I have MT manager, I meant to ask which one of the files you get after decomplilation need to be edited.
  15. If you don't mind, can you tell me how you made it possible to set ai aggressiveness to 0? I would like to see if I can replicate that on Android.
  16. For changing the language of events you'll need to either have a rooted phone, the pc version of the game or if you have a normal phone and don't want to buy the pc version but you have a pc then you can use Helium to share the files.
  17. Well, even when I add them they won't always appear since Moscowien usually goes for a two state solution in TNO instead of collapsing completely. Unless you play as Moscowien to ensure that they collapse.
  18. Did you save and load the game around February 1963? There is a bug that can prevent events from firing if you save and load the game shortly before they had to fire.
  19. Did you save and load the game around February 1963? There is a bug that can prevent events from firing if you save and load the game shortly before they had to fire.
  20. Yes to the first two. I will add the complete Moscowien collapse as something which can happen instead of the two state solution, I am not sure what you mean by Ostland (If you mean the civil war then that's already there). The african rk collapse have a large amount of factions so they will be added slowly and most probably not in the next update but they will be added eventually, the current collapse event is a placeholder.
  21. There are already a lot of events but yes I do plan on adding more events.
  22. That will happen for the first ten turns. It fixes itself after the eleventh turn. I don't know why this happens. Perhaps due to the number of nations in the scenario.
  23. I've made this on Android and Android doesn't allow you to use map editor so I can't.
  24. Very well. I suppose you are right, people don't pay much attention to credits.
  25. I should have asked for permission first. If you don't like me using your map background then I can remove in the next update.
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