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  1. So it was you who came up with the idea of the Coronavirus? I reported on a topic ironically that Lukasz was coming back, because he had updated the game by adding this new disease.
  2. I am also quite new to map editors. My strong point is in creating events (triggers, texts, images, etc.). The only thing I tell you is you will still be very angry with the bugs kkk
  3. Okay, my profile picture is a guy with a Christmas hat, okay?
  4. Of course, I can help, but on the other hand, I'm afraid something will go wrong (bugs) and ruin your mod.
  5. Connecting provinces is very easy, man. Basically, you only use "space" and "enter" to do this. The only thing that is complicated when configuring the provinces is that the oceans are like an Asian continent and there is no way to solve this. Except for the bugs, it's relatively easy.
  6. It's easy: just create a topic in the suggestion forum. Now, don't get too excited, as the game developer doesn't care about the community's suggestions.
  7. 1º - Find the country folder you want to delete and delete it: 2º - Then open the "Age_of_Civilizations" file with a text editor (I opened it with notepad), and delete the name of the folder you deleted: 3º - Save the changes and you're done! I hope I helped you
  8. He has to have a really good excuse to convince everyone why he doesn't update the game. But even so, why doesn't he at least tell what's going on? It's impossible to understand. The more he doesn't respond or update the game, the more people are leaving the game and getting mad at him.
  9. Trade routes and trade leagues The trade routes were in the game plans, but have been removed - they say it was because of bugs. I'm not going to detail what I want, because here is a perfect topic on this topic: Trade Routes Along with the addition of trade routes, trade leagues could also come. The game would be more complete if there was this option of having commercial allies. Bonuses to join a commercial league: Each participating nation will have a bonus of +20 relationship points; The chances of doing business with a participating member are increased by 50%; The gains from the trade route increase by 15% if in the commercial area you are in, there is a participating member (per ally). You receive a bonus of 5% commercial gains in your ally's commercial zone, if he is not in the same zone as you (per ally). I'm not good at that part of pros and cons, right? Forgive me. Modifiers to join / create a league (only the leader can add new members): Friend or ally: +50 Good relations: +25 Neutral ratios (0/20): -20 / -10 Bad ratios (-100 / -1): -1000 More than 10 members: -10 (increases by x1.5 per member over the limit) Commercial power of the leader compared to the target nation (similar to the "strength of civilization"): if strong greater: +15 / if less: -15
  10. And taking advantage of the fact that the colleague above has a doubt. I would like to know one thing too: why do some provinces stick to the skis boundary lines? I don't know how to explain it very well, but 3 provinces that I edited, kept one of their lines outside the province's area. And one of them was left without a border line; I've tried to fix this within the game and also in the Map Editor but it didn't work.
  11. Have you already set up the "config.json" file on your map? For the map to work, it has to have one more province than it really does. That is, if your map has 10 provinces, in the file "config.json", you have to put that he has 11, otherwise, he can crash. At least, it happened to me ...
  12. Cayo

    Releseable Colonies!

    He doesn't care about the game. The developer enters the forum every day, he knows what's going on, but instead of at least fixing the bugs, he prefers to add unnecessary things, such as the WW1 scenario and map of Europe. As if there were no mods focused on Europe and World War I on the forum, right?
  13. (( WARNING: LARGE TEXT )) I know that the chances of the game being updated are very slim, but I did not do this topic thinking about having a hope of it being updated, but whether you agree with my suggestions or not. I'm not going to ask the game for new mechanics because I know it takes time to make them, nor will I criticize AI's mistakes (if I talk about AI I'll write an encyclopedia here) and try to keep the game simple. I will focus only on the existing mechanisms (including those hidden in the game folder) asking for some improvements: 1º - More detailed colonization The idea of colonization is to be simple, and I think this is cool, however, it could have more details. Like what then? As many have said here on the forum, from a certain number of colonial provinces a colonial nation would emerge; something very similar to the EUIV. Perhaps this is the most impactful change on this list, since it would have to work on many mechanics. 2nd - More options for triggers and decisions at events New triggers: having a library / university / laboratory; province by region; level of war exhaustion; nation controls such a province (non-specific). New decisions: change the nation's leader; add / remove a building; decrease / increase war exhaustion; add / remove risk of revolt; add revolts (by province); give and remove money / declare war / sign treaty / enter a truce with the provincial owner (non-specific); U: But isn't that already? Not the way I propose. For this to happen in the normal way, it is necessary to choose nation X, which controls the province, and nation Y which is going to do something. This limits the creation of events a lot, because if I put this decision / trigger and the nation I choose to lose control of this province the event becomes useless. Even if you can solve this by putting owner as "neutral" it still does not solve it. I will cite an example: the purchase of Macau by Portugal in the scenario of 1440. In the event editor I will have to make Portugal lose that amount of money and Ming receive that amount to simulate a purchase and choose to "attach province". When it comes to who controls Macau, I put Ming and the new owner will be Portugal. But what if when the event happens, Macau is with Dai Viet? The event becomes useless. How would it look the way I propose? Portugal would stay with Macau and the owner would receive the money, no matter who it is. 3rd - Strongest revolts The revolts are pathetic; they only work if the country that suffers from them is broken - very broken - otherwise it can get rid of the rebels very easily. So just buff the riots. Oh, and another thing: revolts take a long time to happen, so this also has to be fixed. 4th - Individual alliances Seriously, this needs to be implemented in the game urgently. It is ridiculous that the only way to form alliances is through blocks. This gets in the way of gameplay a lot. If I'm allied with Spain and want to join Germany too, I can't, because she doesn't have good relations with my ally. So if there was a way to form individual alliances, I could join Germany without it joining Spain - just like EUIV (EUIV again?). 5th - Religions Without a doubt, religions would make the game even more complete. And they were almost not implemented in the final version of the game. If we go to the AOC2 folders, we will find a folder with the icons of the religions. And if we go to read the "Bundle" file, we will find a religion editor. I don't think it's something that needs to be urgently added to AOC2, but if it exists, put it on! 6th - Reactors and nuclear bombs and espionage As I already showed in a topic here on the forum, these three are hidden in the "bundle" file. They are totally unnecessary mechanics; what would espionage help? But as the three are in the same situation as religions, then they must be added to the game. 7th - Embassy Yes, it also exists within the game. I don't know what that could do, but if it's in the files, it has to be in the game too. Well these are my ideas, I tried to make suggestions that were not so aggressive to the point of having to create a new mechanics to the game. So what did you think?
  14. Cayo

    Releseable Colonies!

    A sad truth 😞
  15. Cayo

    Releseable Colonies!

    Perhaps 4589 years from now, the developer of AOC2 will decide to add his idea to the list of suggestions to add to the game. If this is done, it will take another thousand years for your idea to be, definitely added to the game.
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