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  1. There were smaller divisions until 2009 territorial reform. Apparently, they're planning a next reform to reduce the number of regions even more.
  2. download --> https://praisedog.itch.io/aoc2-municipalities-of-latvia
  3. Of course! I would be happy to see a review 😛 Also, thanks to everyone for feedback! Very flattered. :--)
  4. This scenario is roughly based on the state of things in Eurasia circa 1918, with more emphasis on including more factions than historical accuracy. There are around 10 events, some are historical events (i.e. siege of Riga by Bermondt-Avalov), some exist to smoothly reunite the Russian Empire in case of White victory. Download & install instructions : https://praisedog.itch.io/eurasia-1918 Developed by me, tested by GroznajaPuhlja16.
  5. I am making a scenario which involves custom civs. Everything works fine on my computer of course, but when the people testing load on theirs the custom civilizations are not displayed (see img). How can this be fixed? At the present moment I am only sharing the \Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\scenarios\scenarioname with other players. What other data do I have to share for custom civs to work? Thanks! If you want to test yourself, download it here : https://praisedog.itch.io/eurasia-1918
  6. Are the custom civilizations made for that particular scenario also located there?
  7. Same here, posted everywhere about it and found no solution. Still looking for help.
  8. I have the same problem. Furthermore, Improve relations does not work. Any fix so far? This kind of makes me abandon the game 😞
  9. Hello friends! I have bug which sort of ruins the game. On about turn 4000 relations between nations started getting reset to 0.0. I end up with "Improve relations" not working at all (with rare exceptions) and most of the world being completely neutral (see pictures attached). Is there a patch/mod/way to fix this? Thanks. ====
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