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  1. Illyrian Mapping

    Aoh 2 2.0

    Can you add provinces that will make it possible to form Albania with these borders?
  2. i try to open the jar file but it just doesnt open, do you have any clue why?
  3. Do you guys perhaps have discord? Because I can provide a victoria 2 province map which is super detailed and you guys can add more provinces?
  4. Hey so, I can't find any link for the newest update, can you provide it? Thanks!
  5. Would you be so kind do add greater Albanian claims? Thanks a lot! And I hope this mod improves.
  6. is there a discord server for this mod?
  7. Yeah when i try to open AoC2 it just crashes, like not in the loading screen, editor or game, it crashes before the loading screen.
  8. Well,I can fix them,I think Idk.... Probably not...Well,I love the mod so doesn't matter
  9. No its alright,I fixed it,I forgot to edit the json file,since I replaced the old one,with the one which came with the map,and so if I wanted to go to default,I had to use the template in the json file.
  10. I cannot change to the default map,now I am only stuck with bloody Europe map,please help me.
  11. I mean like,servers,where there are countless people,and it is just so boring playing as different nations in multiplayer.
  12. I think that you should add multiplayer into the game,it would be so cool to play with other people,there should also be contests like tournaments so people can go against each other.
  13. Hows the scenario?Also good work,keep up,and I am sure you will do just fine!
  14. Why are there three downloads,and the addon looks awesome,keep up the good work.
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