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  1. the war was 1991-1995 yugo. wasnt at war with slovenia or macedonia, slovenia was at peace in the first few weeks, macedonia left fully peacefully, croatia and bosnia were also fightin eachother, but united against serbia. also yugo. had more provinces from croatia and bosnia, croatia had istra, and some other countries like croatian republic of herzeg-bosnia and rep. serpska were independent or a part of one of the countries.
  2. put the scenarios into the europe map foldier, and the rest into the game foldier.
  3. https://m.vk.com/page-175027405_56047438 this is the link after the ad website
  4. UeUeUdk

    1700 scenario

    scotland joined into uk 1st may 1707.
  5. UeUeUdk

    National Anthem

    I never knew that country existed lol
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