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    heroder55 got a reaction from Matimele in SEPARATISTS V3 [FULL MAP - 400+ CIVILIZATIONS]   
    Finally doing Mongolian Empire is easier. 
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    heroder55 got a reaction from WorkPlease in Can colonies get independence?   
    I once saw on India-Chinese border about 20 new countries
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    heroder55 reacted to Emery Thrash in Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+ | Update 01.12.19   
    But theres nothing to fix...
    This is 100% accurate.
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    heroder55 reacted to Chexier in Ottomans can into colonizations   
    They are going to colonize africa so they can get more powerful and ANNEX THE BALKANS later
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    heroder55 reacted to Negher in My first campaign!   
    This was my first campaign, done as Milan in 1440.
    The initial goal was to unify Italy (Including Istria and South Tyrol) and then annex some more territories (such as those 3 provinces in Africa and Corsica and the American colonies).
    I decided to finish this campaign in 1513 'cause it was boring to keep clicking the "Colonize" button over and over again.

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    heroder55 reacted to Kelvinnn in WW3 scenario USA vs China   
    but why china take eastern russia, china and russia is allies
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    heroder55 reacted to tww in Any way to exit spectator mode?   
    being spectator means your game is over
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    heroder55 got a reaction from PANTIC in 1171 SCENARIO   
    I see you don't like mapping the HRE. As for now, it looks too powerful.
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    heroder55 reacted to WorkPlease in Can colonies get independence?   
    You've got nothing on me, I once saw the Chu Dynasty in Italy
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    heroder55 reacted to memososisi in Age of Civilizations 2 | Addin+ v7   
    You should just put a bowl of water or food in the street. 😄
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    heroder55 reacted to Glebco in Age of Civilizations 2 | Addin+ v7   
    You stealed it from Addon+ mod...
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    heroder55 got a reaction from TimoTheGreat in Greater Europe Map v0.66 - Northern Countries   
    You can buy a new one
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    heroder55 got a reaction from The Player in How to add new building to aoc?   
    He probably means more -> and then a new modded building. I don't think he means wonders or forts.
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    heroder55 reacted to Creyden in Is there a way to annex puppets?   
    Send ultimatum.
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    heroder55 reacted to mitsos in How do I save the game?   
    Go top left and press your flag.Then on your top right there are three new buttons.Press the middle one.Finally,wait 1 turn to save.It will inform you once it saves
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    heroder55 reacted to Map in Moon Map Project   
    One of the maps from my "Space Maps" series(Yes, I don't wanna stop at this)

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    heroder55 reacted to Aryan in Can I set that, the other civilisations can’t start war?   
    You can reduce ai aggressiveness before starting a game
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    heroder55 got a reaction from CPUSkull in [Beta] CivEditor - Advance Civilization Editor Tool   
    It is more advanced because you don't have to click 300 times in order to make perfect flag for your civilization.
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    heroder55 reacted to CPUSkull in [Beta] CivEditor - Advance Civilization Editor Tool   
    [OpenPublicBeta] Now! Advance Civilization Editor Tool
    Write by Python3 & On top of libraries
    Now Release!
    Plz go to
    - Import Your Flag
    - Auto Resize to 2 Size (68x44, 27x18), With fit filter from Python-Resize-Image
    - Easy to Customize your civilization
    - In Full Version more features will added & Support other modding
    Test on OnlineIDE:  https://repl.it/@CPUSkull/CivEditor
    Online Script

    Script & Run on IDLE

    Ps1. Sorry, for my language
    Ps2. I Dont Know... How to write Python? But it work! This is my first software & Dev in  4-Days
    ***For Test Only***
    - Input CivName
    - Flag Import "ovs.jpg" & Click Import will Result
    - Click Create
    - Software Result! Now you can check your civilization
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    heroder55 reacted to KağanKerim in Łukasz Jakowski's nationality   
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