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  1. He did this? I stopped watching him for a while so idk
  2. From now on, please limit yourself to 1/2 suggestions, try not to override another suggestion and PLEASE stop making my brain explode.
  3. Reminder to make the community modern world scenario.

  4. "What can I do?" 1. Add countries. 2. Give countries provinces. 3. Set wasteland. 4. Change relations. 5. Make alliances. 6. Set vassals. 7. Set cores. 8. Change economy. 9. Basically anything you can change in the Scenario Editor!
  5. The thing is, hosting services would charge him more to allow more people on at once.
  6. It means that so many people are on the site that no more people are allowed on until someone leaves the site.
  7. Wow, just got a notice saying that I couldn't access the site because it had the max connected users, that's more activity than I've ever seen, well done!
  8. maybe a cavalry troop with a movement of two provinces and higher attack against infantry in the earlier ages, but a lower attack as you progress, higher cost than infantry and twice the training time.
  9. Poland annexed by Germany, Russia and Lithuania
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