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  1. Thank you sir for solving my issue, i hope you have a nice day
  2. Every time i write an long event description the text get out of the screen and i can't see it, is there an way to solve this issue?
  3. I want to make it Ai Aggressiveness 0%, how do i edit it?
  4. Hello, i'm the guy who created the TNO mod in AoC2, i'm just here to say thank you for creating a bigger and better version of my shitty mod and also, have nice day❤️ If you're asking, why i'm not re-uploading the mod, it because i'm no longer interested with the game and i only played AoC2 because i didn't had at the time HOI4 Any type of questions are welcome (Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language)
  5. How do i create an event that gets activated when the country annex a territory?
  6. some suggestions: Fall of Italian Monarchy, Malayan Emergency / Malayan Civil War, American Elections, Ukranian Insurgence, Cuban Revolution, French Elections, British Elections, Death os Stalin, Re-Unification of Austria, Chinese Cultural Revolution, Etc.
  7. Every time i try to take a screenshot it show an image of the Menu instead
  8. You are making more updates to the game more than the Łukasz Jakowski
  9. Red Flood Red Flood is a Hoi4 mod that presents a world in which no nation won the Great War. While there was an official peace treaty between the Entente and Central Powers, the fighting powers were significantly worsened in comparison to our timeline. Germany fell to communism, France to a new ideology of futurism, Russia devolved into feuding warlords and the world as we first knew it became unrecognizable. Enjoy! Scenario.rar UI.rar Civilizations.rar
  10. I make a better version of the French Reich Civilizations.rar Scenario.zip
  11. Hello, can i help on the work project? I can help with: Civilizations,events,governaments (with symbols) and event images
  12. Thank you for answering my questions
  13. At least you can put more effort on the flags
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