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  1. I don't know. Deleting the provinces in Spain and recreating them might work.
  2. I can't send the file here because it's too large. Can you tell me your email. I could send it from there.
  3. I have the map file, but the map is unplayable because some provinces in Spain were buggy and the game always crashes after opening it the second time.
  4. +1 for the bug fixes +1 for new features +1 for new modding possibilities +1 for a bright future to this incredible game. I am a fan of AoC2 since its release because i find this game more relaxing than other strategy games of this type. Literally all that this game needs is attention to it by the author, so that we could play the game more freely and without bugs. A big +1 for the hope that Łukasz would one day hear our prayers.
  5. I can help you. My Discord is player12454#2534 Send me the provinces and the backround and i will try to make a working map next week. (I don't have my PC with me at the moment)
  6. I can do it. Send me the provinces and the backround and i'll make a working map and pass it to you so you could edit other stuff. Also when you'll create more provinces, just copy them into data/provinces, update and updatePB. My Discord is Player12454#2534. Also the map can sometimes, but not always crash. I also can't fully prevent this glitch. Good luck on the rest of the map.
  7. Yes, but i rarely use it
  8. Yea, but the bots just create a new account and spam again so solving this issue is almost impossible.
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