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  1. Hetman is polish too lol.
  2. What is your discord ?
  3. I can help you. My Discord is player12454#2534 Send me the provinces and the backround and i will try to make a working map next week. (I don't have my PC with me at the moment)
  4. I can do it. Send me the provinces and the backround and i'll make a working map and pass it to you so you could edit other stuff. Also when you'll create more provinces, just copy them into data/provinces, update and updatePB. My Discord is Player12454#2534. Also the map can sometimes, but not always crash. I also can't fully prevent this glitch. Good luck on the rest of the map.
  5. I doubt that the map will be released today, but i really want this to be true
  6. Those PCs are often old or very cheap, to the point that the phone is more expensive than the PC You can buy a weak laptop for just 200 dollars, while the good phones can cost 700 or more
  7. This won't happen. This map already took over a year and is still in progress and also maps this size run badly on phones. My suggestion is either to play the original map or wait for the World+ map (which already is a very big map for phones) which will come in the future. Please leave large maps to the PC players.
  8. Probably after a week
  9. The amount of work and detail is more than impressive, good job. Also what scenarios will the map have ?
  10. Yes, but i rarely use it
  11. MoreProvinces Mod Channel
  12. Yeah, a year of hard work will pay off
  13. Kerems2434 is making a map with 11,000 provinces which will look better than project Alpha, also the 13,000 province map for android didn't go very well, so a 15 to 16 thousand province map for android would ridiculous and wouldn't even work. The only possible way to play such a large map is to play it in scale x1 which wouldn't be so enjoyable, so if you want to enjoy a big map, just play on PC.
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