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  1. +1 for the bug fixes +1 for new features +1 for new modding possibilities +1 for a bright future to this incredible game. I am a fan of AoC2 since its release because i find this game more relaxing than other strategy games of this type. Literally all that this game needs is attention to it by the author, so that we could play the game more freely and without bugs. A big +1 for the hope that Łukasz would one day hear our prayers.
  2. Hetman is polish too lol.
  3. What is your discord ?
  4. I can help you. My Discord is player12454#2534 Send me the provinces and the backround and i will try to make a working map next week. (I don't have my PC with me at the moment)
  5. I can do it. Send me the provinces and the backround and i'll make a working map and pass it to you so you could edit other stuff. Also when you'll create more provinces, just copy them into data/provinces, update and updatePB. My Discord is Player12454#2534. Also the map can sometimes, but not always crash. I also can't fully prevent this glitch. Good luck on the rest of the map.
  6. I doubt that the map will be released today, but i really want this to be true
  7. Those PCs are often old or very cheap, to the point that the phone is more expensive than the PC You can buy a weak laptop for just 200 dollars, while the good phones can cost 700 or more
  8. This won't happen. This map already took over a year and is still in progress and also maps this size run badly on phones. My suggestion is either to play the original map or wait for the World+ map (which already is a very big map for phones) which will come in the future. Please leave large maps to the PC players.
  9. Probably after a week
  10. The amount of work and detail is more than impressive, good job. Also what scenarios will the map have ?
  11. Yes, but i rarely use it
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