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  1. Glisterr

    1920 Scenario (RELEASE)

    Thank you for letting me know! I will make Nepal and Bhutan countries and make Bhutan a British vassal.
  2. Glisterr

    Coat of Arms: 1836.

  3. I meant in coat of arms: 1836
  4. Glisterr

    290 BCE Scenario [Beta 1.0]

    I really like this one!
  5. Anyway to stop this? It literally does it every single time lol The only way I can think is to remove it from formable civilizations, but that is just uh. I don't know it sounds wrong xD
  6. Glisterr

    1920 Scenario (RELEASE)

    CLUB CREATED: Join it if you are a fan of my scenarios, it will be much easier for me to post my progress updates this way!
  7. Glisterr

    1920 Scenario (RELEASE)

    People seem to care about my 1920 scenario more than my other one so I bet this is my new focus lol
  8. Glisterr

    1920 Scenario (RELEASE)

    I would really appreciate that! Thank you for offering, I do need some ideas for events. Don't waste all your time for me though xD
  9. Glisterr


    Awesome mod! May I ask if you have events depicting milestones of WW2? German invasion of Poland, France surrenders, betrayal of Russia, etc?
  10. Glisterr

    1066 (upgrade 2)

    I love the scenario!
  11. Glisterr

    First War of Scottish Independence [1296]

    Looks fun!
  12. Glisterr

    1600 [Work in progress]

    I am so excited!!!
  13. Glisterr

    Age of Vikings (WIP)

    Awesome job!