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  1. It's exactly what the title says. Based on gdp, I decided on the level of research in each country. It worked against countries with a small population in Europe, and it did work in favor of Asian countries such as well. I couldn't help it because I didn't know how to change the population. Also, this map is based on the basic 'modern world' map. This is my first production, and I hope you'll forgive me even if it falls in quality. Have fun playing.+ Research levels were obtained based on gdp/10 figures, considering the money needed for the study. Only the top 100 countries were modified and t
  2. While playing the game, I learned that the scenarios were misjudged by countries for balance. So I'm trying to create a new modern scenario that takes into account the real population and the economy, but I can't edit the population and the economy. Please help beginner.
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