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  1. I have a Discord Server focused on AoC2! Please join: https://discord.gg/bVSj32u Radio channels Artist, Streamer, Youtuber and Game Editor roles Activity roles Reaction roles Bots! Counting channel! And other things! Discuss Age of Civilizations II in this server!
  2. Looking for another country army server? You are in the right place! Welcome to:🇮🇱 the Army of the United Kingdom of Israel🇮🇱 We have: Active Admin Fun Bots Information about Israel Foreign Embassies Mine Zone a University that teaches you more about Israel Join the Army Today: https://discord.gg/AAqZQDH
  3. The title is correct, the war only started on September 1, 1939.
  4. I managed to fix. Thanks.
  5. I did this, but still gives error.
  6. I added the name of the scenario in Notepad folder, but still gives error.
  7. It gives error, dude.
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