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  1. No, I think they were just at war and both of their armies marched and took their lands, ignoring each other
  2. EPISODE 2: The Rise of the Austrians Austria had big dreams to rule a vast empire, but of course, that wouldn't come until they had a large stronghold in Europe. After crumbling relations with Venice got even worse, the Austrians decided to send an ultimatum to them. The Venetians, obviously outraged by this offer, declined. The Austrians prepared for something great. But luck won't win wars. The Austrians declared war, rushing into battle positions. Armies of thousands of troops rushed into Venice, preparing for full-scale war. And full-scale war the Venetians gave. But the Austrians, ready for battle, continued their push into Venice. They started dividing units to get provinces where they were weak. The Venetians, able to take down the main Austrian force, completely destroyed it. A major loss for the Austrians made the duke unpopular. He hoped to redeem himself by taking the important city of Treviso for the Austrians, and take Treviso he did. With a force of only a few hundred troops, he easily took Treviso with nearly nobody defending it. Venice was now open to an Austrian attack. The Austrians were able to easily take a lot of land, helping the Duke gain more popularity throughout Austria. He held feasts and festivals, often greeting locals and foreigners. Austria was feeling greedy. They began building up a large force to take Venice down once and for all. Troops were prepared for the final battle. A young, brave soldier came into the Dukes palace in a shocked fashion. "Sire! My Duke!" "What is it that you want?" "The- the Venetians! They have 2,000 troops ready for battle!" "This leaves Venice open. We need to recruit more troops." The military strategists had pulled off a fascinating re-conquest of Treviso, sending in two thousand troops to attack. The Duke thought of this as something a "laughably bad military strategist" would do. He began to recruit more soldiers to attack the main force, which had just come out of Venice, which was left seemingly undefended. And then they attacked. The Battle at Treviso was a hard-fought battle between the main force of Austrians against the main force of Venetians. The battle was so bloody, it killed almost all of the Austrians and severely cut a hole in the Venetian army, before more reinforcements came up to take them down. No true fighting actually happened near Treviso, despite the name. The Venetians were fighting back hard, causing major casualties to a seemingly large war. The Austrians felt as if they had made a mistake. But then, something glorious happened. The Venetians were pushed back. Only a few brave Austrians made it out, but they really did it. And the Austrians began preparations for a large invasion. Minor and major battles occured at the towns of Pula, Klagenfurt, and Trento among others, but a main Venetian division of 2k troops banded up to push back. The war had basically gotten back to where it had started. But then, bad news occurred. The Austrians had been pushed to the gates of Graz, and the Duke was taken ransom. The Austrians, still prepared, launched a successful attack on Venice, hoping nothing else would backfire. And, it was over. Venice had won. The Empire that had once been, simply couldn't hold. Due to the Dukes complete cowardliness, he failed. gosh darn it bro
  3. For sure will with this one. The last one I abandoned for whatever reason, but this time it'll be different.
  4. EPISODE 1: Uniting the Sphere of Influence Austria was ready. They had prepared a large amount of forces, all trained well and prepared to go to war to unite Austria under one banner. The true dream, though, was to unite the HRE, under the Austrian banner, to make the Austrians the true ruler of Germany. They decided to begin their quest by annexing their small neighbor Salzburg. They didn't have much of anything to prepare themselves for this war. The Austrians declared war on October 23rd, 1441. From both sides, the people of Salzburg were getting seiged by the great forces of Austria. To Austrian surprise, the people of Salzburg, alongside a few hundred troops, "migrated" farther into Austria, where the Duke had forgot to put many troops. He didn't want to let most of Austria fall to one small nation, so he attacked. The Austrians had been victorious in wiping out the army of Salzburg. An Austrian victory. Finally, their sphere of influence had been completely annexed. The Austrians were proud of their new leader and his great skills! Relations with Venice continued to deteriorate, and a war with them seemed likely. Will the Austrians collapse to a Venetian force, or will the Austrians gain a stronghold in Italy? The Archduchy is here.
  5. In 1440, THIS IS PROBABLY CANCELED BECAUSE I LITERALLY DIED IN THE GAME. oof. Austria was a thriving nation. Becoming the Emperor of the HRE, expanding, etc. They were prepared for the world. Nobody knew if the world was prepared for them. The known world was a mess. The Ottomans took shape, ready to seemingly expand into mainland Europe. The Balkans seemed to be their main target, then Austria. Duke Laudislaus was ready to battle. The Archduchy was coming. EPISODES Episode 1: Uniting the Sphere of Influence
  6. I will. I just havent had a lot of time with irl stuff happening. For sure a new one will release soon
  7. This is also somewhat inspired by @goktug14, and a few others. Thanks for reading the story!
  8. EPISODE SELECTION: Episode 1 is below! More episodes coming soon! YEAR 1200 EPISODE 1: In year 1204, the Norwegian nation was at a state of civil war. Inge II of Norway had assumed the throne, and was now the ruler of Norway. His reign would last 13 years into the future. The rulers ahead of him followed his legacy to restore the North Sea Empire, for a victory over Scandinavia, England, and the North. This is where our story begins. SECURING THE NORTH Date: February, 1200 Old King Sverre lay down to rest his head. Thoughts rushed through his mind about the state of the nation. What would be the future? Sverre, laying down, plotted an attack for the North, remembering the reign that made Norway so powerful. He built up his army to prepare for an attack for the North. His first target: Sami. WAR FOR SAMI Old Sverre decided to declare war on Sami first. They gathered their troops, when all of a sudden, news spread across Norway. "Our king, Sverre, has died!" The nation, in shock, had to find a new heir. His second illegitimate son, Haakon III, assumed the throne. He continued the war for the North, and the Sami fought hard. The troops eventually fought back with a large punch, trapping the Sami troops into the Northeast. Norway had completely taken control over the Sami within about 2 years of battling, and they eventually came to a conclusion. Norway had expanded quite a bit, planning their next invasion. But, for now, they needed to make a stronger, more united civilization. BLESS OUR GRACIOUS NORWAY! NEXT EPISODE COMING LATER TODAY! TO BE CONTINUED...
  9. One of my first actual runs. There isnt much to say other than.. I found out that unions were OP, but were somewhat hard to get on my side. Eating up other nations is easy as long as you have a good ally to do it with, most of the time. You should also build up an army to attract other nations to make a union with you. In the end, I just ended up getting eaten by some other nations I shouldnt have gotten eaten by. Any tips, etc. would be appreciated! Thanks.
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