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  1. mitsos


    if you have already edited a scenario from the game (for example modern senario) you cant edit again bcs the old one is gonna be deleted.to clarify: lets say you edit "modern day" and name your scenario "modern day 2" if you edit "modern day" again the "modern day 2" is gonna be deleted if you edit the "modern day 2" its just gonna change
  2. i think he makes them for himself
  3. mitsos

    NewEurope Map

    is it gonna be added to mobile?
  4. mitsos

    does capital matter?

    Does capital matter in the game?like,do i have any advantage if i capture the capital of my enemy?
  5. Hello guys.Do you know if there is a way to annex your puppets/vassals
  6. Go top left and press your flag.Then on your top right there are three new buttons.Press the middle one.Finally,wait 1 turn to save.It will inform you once it saves
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