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  1. https://m.vk.com/away.php?to=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Fopen%3Fid%3D1RzB2KQ67pBvRfSHUwiuimT3yw-B-INNI
  2. it isnt yet dead Dave is still working but it will take years.Such things cant be done in just months
  3. In BC scenarios the time should go backwards.F.E if its 164 BC the next year should be 163 BC
  4. i know i can read i just asked him if he maybe tells us the release date of beta
  5. yeyyyy finally some good background i really disliked the one on project alpha!Hope it can run on my phone
  6. mitsos

    Your Mod

    is the mod going to have more provinces?
  7. mitsos

    Game crashes

    Get an android or pc
  8. mitsos


    my man just asked chill
  9. mitsos

    My MLP mod

    i would suggest mobile if you can 🙂 it seems like a great mod
  10. will you complete all the cities that are missing?
  11. there are harldy any formables except maybe Balkan Confederation or Yugoslavia
  12. wow the link actually works! The mod looks perfect. Keep it up IM
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