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  1. Do I need uninstall my original Aoc2 to install the mod or I just install this with original Aoc2 already installed?
  2. Espero que tiene vikings
  3. Why some lands of Brazil and Soviet Union are abandoned?
  4. Have the Paraguay War?
  5. Guy, why nobody are in Sweden? The vikings lived there
  6. I've found a folder with that same name but all the files are .png, all these religions is for the "civilization creator", we can put these symbols in our flags. But I hope Lukasz will add what you said
  7. I've found other folder with that name and i've discovered this is just the symbols of religions that we can put on the flag when we create a civilization, but I hope a scenario with the crusades and some features like religious intolerance (as Nazi Germany) because we can make a HOLOCAUST ( I don't further this)
  8. Hey guys, I was searching the "scenarios" folder and I found a folder called "religions", so, I opened that and I see some files without extension (like .rar, .exe, .png), this folder is in Age of Civilizations 2/game/. The name of these files is abbreviated but I can read some files, like "chr" (Christian), "jew" (jew, obviously) and "hin" (hindu). I think Lukasz will make a update and add that feature since there is not in the game.
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