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  1. So I been making few own mods last few weeks and I been thinking of making Extended Timeline mods. I did few one like Fall of Western Roman Empire. Seven years war, American and French Revolution and many more and event will be included.
  2. Mathww


    so only way i notice is you have to press continue game instead of load game. It's suck that not a feature to save between player instead of turns
  3. Mathww

    mobile mods

    Does Lukas allow us to make mobile mods?
  4. Is there a cheat so we can switch countries. Mostly for fun want to change countries government during the late game?
  5. Mathww


    If i am doing a 20 player hotseat how can i save between players turns, Like players 1 takes its turn and can i save at players 12?
  6. Mathww

    Hotseat save

    Can there be a way if we are having a big hotseat game can we save between players instead of everyone completing their turns just for the game to save.
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