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    Suggest leaders for LPM

    How can there be a picture of someone from 1534?
  2. 143609

    Suggestions for the game

    The thing with technology is already the case, at least when you attack from sea.
  3. 143609

    Greater Europe map

    This is probably the one thing I'm looking forward to the most. Any way I could help?
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    O_O no
  5. 143609

    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    Now it's working. Nice mod
  6. 143609

    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    My game opens- Black screen- Closes
  7. 143609

    Netherlands in detail map

    Yes and I put backgrounds and Netherlands_In_Detail in D:\Games\Age.of.Civilizations.II-PiviGames.blog\Age of Civilizations II\map
  8. 143609

    Netherlands in detail map

    The map doesn't show up in 'scenarios' and 'map editor' please help.
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  10. 143609

    Just another ww1 :0

    But honestly, they coulda won that one..
  11. This is something i really liked about HOI. It would be so nice if you could make divisions and rename them and such so that we can recreate the glorious das Reich division, Wiking and GrossDeutschland amongst others. And also give a bonus to experienced divisions. For example +1 attack bonus when such unit succesfully conqueres a province. Then the only thing needed more are generals. Generals like Rommel, walter model, Jodl, von Rundstedt and von manstein all with uniique bonuses.
  12. 143609

    Scenario ideas

    Age of discovery
  13. 143609

    make polish economy less OP in 2018 scenario

    Figured that out already. Warsaw is like twice the economy than other big cities in the beginning. no hate though lol
  14. 143609

    make polish economy less OP in 2018 scenario

    Germany biggest economy in europe poland is place 10