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  1. redfire

    More Provinces

  2. Poland create Polish-Hungarian Empire and take Belarus, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Baltics countries, half Germany, Czechia, Slovakia,
  3. redfire

    More Provinces

    Folder z prowincjami jest pusty
  4. redfire

    More Provinces

    folders are empty
  5. redfire

    More Provinces

    Kiedy mod wyjdzie bo już kilka dni nic nie piszesz o modzie
  6. redfire

    More Provinces

    who normal buy a weak computer and a good phone, it is better to have a weak phone than a weak computer
  7. redfire


    Co to jest xd
  8. WHERE IS POLAND ?? Poland is future of world
  9. Turkey is in the farm
  10. redfire

    More Provinces

    Ile czasu to się będzie podbijać o kurde, z kilka dni na pewno
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