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  1. Now you can play an Alpha version, but it will have more in the future versions
  2. Now you can.... It's in the Download Area
  3. I'am working on, it... but thanks for the advise.
  4. The Great War 1910 This is a WW1 scenario that I'm working on. This scenario Will have Events, New Leader Potraits and some new banners. Events: The idea for the events, is to be events that has effect on the game, but the player is able to change that. Some of the events are: -The next king is dead! -Decline of Qing china -Russian revolution This will be some of the events that will be on the scenario. But we aren't only thinking about the events, but about the leaders too. The Leaders that will be in the game will be:
  5. Mor142e


    English: Thank you! I will try to translate everything and then release it. Spanish: ¡Gracias! Intentaré traducir todo y luego liberarlo.
  6. Mor142e


    English: For now i'm only going to focus on solving bugs, creating more events and adding more leaders and civilizations. I obviously would like to translate to every single language, maybe even focus on translating to spanish, french and german. But for now i have other focuses, even some other scenarios. But if for some reason semeone would like to help in translating, that will be great! Spanish: Por ahora solo me enfocaré en resolver errores, crear más eventos y agregar más líderes y civilizaciones. Obviamente me gustaría traducir a todos los idiomas, tal vez incluso
  7. Mor142e


    I am working on the english version, it will be released soon.
  8. Mor142e


    2037 A world where extremism is growing stronger, where powers never before seen conquering, begin their conquest. The defeat of Germany and Italy in the third war to end all wars was not enough. A world where Celticism (An ideology with the ideal of unifying all Celtic peoples) is growing stronger in Lusitania. A world where the Fourth African International appears and a world where pan-eslavism comes back again is a world where we don't want to live on, but it's this scenario. More about the scenario... What comes with scenario? With the scenario comes some
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