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  1. ZIP Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/fc6saosfmpbxxu8/Leaders_South_America.zip/file
  2. ok LINK Mediafire - ZIP - https://www.mediafire.com/file/fc6saosfmpbxxu8/Leaders_South_America.zip/file
  3. Leaders North America, Central America and Caribbean This Pack is an update of one I had already released a while ago, this one comes with new elected presidents and new photos too * Contains 23 Leaders Leader List Panama - Laurentino Cortizo Honduras - Juan Orlando Hernández El Salvador - Nayib Bukele Guatemala - Alejandro Giammattei Curacao - Lucille George-Wout Trinidad and Tobago - Paula-Mae Weekes Grenade - Cécile La Grenade Barbados - Sandra Mason Saint Lucia - Neville Cenac Dominica - Charles Savarin Guadeloupe - Ary Chalus Antigua and Barbuda - Rodney Williams Puerto Rico - Wanda Vázquez Dominican Republic - Danilo Medina Haiti - Jovenel Moise Jamaica - Patrick Allen Cayman Islands - Martyn Roper Cuba - Raúl Castro Bahamas - Cornelius Smith Turks and Caicos Islands - Sharlene Cartwrigth-Robinson Bermuda - John Rankin Saint-Pierre and Miquelon - Sthéphane Lenormand Greenland - Kim Kielsen Screenshots Download 👇 Leaders - North America, Central America and Caribbean.rar
  4. kakakaka, poxa, ver todo mundo vê, mas ai, a galera quer baixar né vey, poxa, só podia ser brasileiro mesmo né...
  5. Leaders South America This Pack is an update of one I had already released a while ago, this one comes with new elected presidents and new photos too * Contains 10 Leaders Leader List Easter Island - Pedro Edmunds Paoa Argentina - Alberto Fernández Uruguay - Luis Lacalle Pou Falkland Islands - Barry Rowland South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Nigel Philipps Bolivia - Jeanine Áñez Brazil - Jair Bolsonaro Guyana - David Granger Suriname - Dési Bouterse French Guiana - Rodolphe Alexandre Screenshots Download 👇 Leaders South America.rar
  6. uma dica é você seguir a publicação para ver novidades
  7. Obrigado, Então Rex2.0 estou fazendo bem isso que tu tá dizendo, eventos levando a outros com uma história por trás, irei meter uns 5 eventos no minimo pra cada continente e no final irá haver muitos eventos, obrigado pelo seu apoio, ajuda muito a me motivar e continuar a fazer.
  8. (The following texts and language were prepared by google translator) Futuristic Scenario in progress Informations: This is a futuristic scenario in which we will add, wars, happiness of the population, initial gold, population centers, technological levels and EVENTS The scenario is in Portuguese but will be translated South America Story: Chile in 2034 became fascist Fascism is dominating South America, In addition to Chile, Ecuador and Peru adhere to ideology Argentina in 2038 decides to buy the island of malvinas and georgia from south england with UN endorsement In the year 2040 Patagonia created a united party to try to achieve autonomy over its territory or possible independence, so organized Patagonia already had armed forces, flags, parties and the main support of the people, in 2042 took a project for the Senate seeking autonomy, unfortunately for them it was not accepted and did not enter into force, the angry people in 2047 declare war on Argentina and with the support of Chile and Brazil attack Argentina, a peace treaty was signed in 2048 in which Patagonia Argentina's monarchy gains its autonomy but begins to pay taxes (Argentina became monarchical in 2035) irritating the Patagonian people. Chile very interested in trade with Patagonia helps the country and maintains great relations, in addition to the fact that Patagonia has open borders for the people of Chile, many Brazilian and Chilean soldiers remained in Patagonia if Argentina demonstrates. Argentina has relations with Germany, both are interested in the Amazon since Argentina has lost its area with beautiful fauna and flora, Patagonia, Germany and Argentina have good relations. In 2045 Brazil gave up the independence of the 3 southern states of Brazil that had already been bothering the government, in a plan in the chamber of deputies and later in the senate the Separatist Movement was happy and achieved independence, The Country became the United States of the South and has good technology and several friendships and relationships Chile and Patagonia maintain defensive pact, both have great confidence In 2049 the Republic of Santa Cruz separated from Bolivia, which generated the anger of many Bolivians, Bolivia now has high security on the border with Santa Cruz and few residents there are allowed to live in Bolivia Chile has several Mapuche tribes that are revolutionary and want autonomy, at any moment a revolution can occur in the country Montevideo thinks it is bigger than Uruguay and believes it takes the country on its back, so it will gain independence with an event in the game, will the country progress? Colombia has evolved too much and its population is happy, however the equator is weak and unhappy, Colombia does not like Ecuador and this could cause a war ... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have patience every day and hour will have an update on the story in addition to more screenshots, we are working (Mateus Eduardo) and (Arthur Daniel) thinking about how we will make and imagine new stories and for them on the map O'What are we doing at the moment? Imagining scenes, arranging the population centers, creating countries, arranging happiness and starting gold Added Events: Chile and Patagonia enter into alliance Argentina and Uruguay enter into alliance Patagonia goes to war with Argentina seeking independence Mapuche Revolution in Chile War for the Andes (Chile X Mapuche) Free Montevideo (Independence of Montevideo Next to Uruguay) Instalar em Português > Em Breve Install in English > Coming soon Türkçe yükle (Install in Turkish) > Yakında (Coming soon)
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