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  1. New Leaders 2.0 Hello, this is my second pack of leaders. If you didn't download the first one, download it now, the download will be down there Líders 1.0.rar This pack contains 22 leaders from Central America, North and the Caribbean. Informations: Easter Island - Pedro Edmunds Paoa (Changed) Falkland Islands - Nigel Philipps (Changed) Panama - Laurentino Cortizo Curaçao - Lucille George-Wout Trinidad and Tobago - Paula-Mae Weekes Grenada - Cécile La Grenade Saint Lucia - Neville Cenac Barbados - Sandra Mason Dominica - Charles Savarin Guadeloupe - Ary Chalus Antigua and Barbuda - Rodney Williams Puerto Rico - Wanda Vázquez Dominican Republic - Danilo Medina Haiti - Jovenel Moise Jamaica - Patrick Allen Cayman Islands - Martyn Roper Cuba - Raúl Castro Turks and Caicos Islands - Sharlene Carwrigth-Robinson Bahamas - Cornelius Smith Greenland - Kim Kielsen Saint-Pierre and Miquelon - Sthephane Lenormand (Ficticia Birthday) Bermuda - John Rankin I didn't profile the wikipedia page and I didn't put skills Download: Leaders 2.0.rar Any errors, please contact me!
  2. New Leaders 1.0 Hello, this is my first post here in the forum, so forgive my english, because I don't know how to speak this language, so i'll use google translator. I made this pack with 6 leaders from South American / Atlantic countries Informations: President of Guiana - David Granger President of Suriname - Dési Bouterse President of the French Guiana assembly - Rodolphe Alexandre Falkland Islands Governor - Nigel Phillips Representative of South Geórgia and South Sandwich Islands - Baroness Anelay (In this I was very doubtful who to put, because I did not have much information there I put this representative who has some connection with the island, and I did not find the right birthday and put 1) Provincial ruler of Easter Island - Laura Alarcón (here was also hard, then I simply put the age, day and month she assumed) I didn't profile the wikipedia page and I didn't put skills Link Download: MediaFire > https://www.mediafire.com/file/hlfg43vt6d26kqc/L%EDders_1.0.rar/file Líders 1.0.rar
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