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  1. This event basically ends the game for Tyumen as it doesn't have a response. Wonder if not only will it be fixed but also more events will be added for Tyumen. Like the 5 Year Plans (and insane economy boost) and Khruschev's Coup plus letting them reunify West Siberia and even the Soviet Union smh.
  2. Apparently when you try playing as Tyumen you can't play past a certain point because of an event that isn't done.
  3. Apparently I've found this bugs: #1: If you try to load a previous game it glitches to the main menu #2: If you load it again, it will be successful but the issue is that the game will be so glitched that it will be unplayable because you can't change turns, open diplomacy menu (actually any menu really). #3: Before I found those bugs I found another one which basically means I had to get out and reload the save file when I traded territories, annexed territories in peace treaties etc. This happened to the AI also.
  4. Yeah it's very essential for some scenarios that historically have nations change their flags without changing Ideology.
  5. Honestly, just change the Ideology in the script to the first one. That will do it.
  6. But I'm talking about how you did it, because I have MT Manager.
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