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  2. Chapter 2: The Civil War (part 2) After some internal troubles with different governors and the distribution of the food, Avibi decided to march with an army of 1,800 soldiers against the nation of Djerid, to execute the main governors and generals who escaped from Seville. But, the general who supported Avibi from the start of his fight against the government, Mahommed Tasi-Abali, suggested to use the dialogue and negotiate with the king of Djerid. But this, was a complete failure, 'cause the King ordered the assasination of the diplomats and his 2 guards. After that lame action, almost 2,000 soldiers, cavalry, and archers, attacked Djerid and killed the governors and generals and a big amount of soldiers loyals to the king. And, in march of 1202, Djerid fallen under the control of the army of the calipha. Months later, the king was assasinated and the land was officially annexed by the Almohads.
  3. Chapter 1: The Civil War (part 1) In 1198, Avibi Hammud, an experimented and charismatic official of the militia, consumed by the hate and the sadness of see his nation and homeland destroyed by the hunger and the death, attacked with an group of 200 soldiers and a big number of militians the city of Rabat, entering in the inner city without opposition and taking the palace of the city, proclaiming himself as the caliph of Almohad Empire. After that action, few weeks later, the governors and generals, were taking it as a joke, and when they were ready to launch an army of 1,300 soldiers to Rabat, inmediately, cities and provinces of all the empire, sent letters swearing loyalty to the new caliph. After know this, the council retreated inmediatelly to Seville, where they tried to create an army, but only some mercenaries and militias decided to join them. In February of 1200, Avibi, with an army of 750 soldiers and a big group of militians, was ready to march to Seville. After months of travel, the little group disembarked in Cádiz, taking the city without any resistance. In August of 1200, they finnally were ready to launch an attack to Seville. After know about the army of Avibi, all the generals and governors decided to fastly retreat to the outskirts of Seville with a little amount of mens, fleeing to the security of the nation of Djerid. In only few days, the mercenaries and militias after know about the escape of the leaders, decided to surrender and leave the city in peace. Avibi accepted, and, after some weeks, the control of the Almoravid Caliphate, fallen in the hands of the new Calipha, Avibi Hammud III "The Good"
  4. PROLOGUE In the year 1194, after the assasination of the caliph Abu Yusuf by a conspiration against the throne, a council of many generals and governors, was created to "manage" the caliphate, creating a democratic-style government until the new caliph appears. But that only was a lie to the people. They started to use the money of the arc's and practically ransack all the money and goods. That started an very deep economic crisis around the kingdom. In 1197, the hunger and the poverty, killed dozens of thousands of people, while the high-class of the kingdom started to migrate to other lands with the stealed money. But then, in 1198, an new hope for the kingdom, appeared. That was, Avibi Hammud III
  5. I'm bored So basically I'm going to tell you a story of age of civilizations
  6. Uesugi Kenshin, a great general and lord, started the invasion of the northern provincies, taking possesion of diverse lands to expand the Uesugi Clan. Thousands of troops has taken by the force, the northern clan, and it has fallen to the feets of Kenshin. (I don't know how to take screenshots on my phone, so i will do only this por now 😁)
  7. I don't know how to install Mods and scenarios in my S6, someone can help me?
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