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  1. Train stations could work like sea ports just on the ground, the army could get on a train at that place and with the connected rails in the neighboring provinces they could travel 3-4 provinces depending on the railed provinces surface, so for example if its a mountain province it would slow down the trains, also it could balance the jobless population by spreading them and the minorities could also spread by making the source province less minorited.
  2. I just wrote this suggestion at december my friend, posting the same thing doesn't makes much sense. http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/78-vaccines-against-plagues/
  3. Well, thats why you need a choosen amount of tech level. At the 19. century its gonna be hard to use vaccines. Cuz of the low level of tech.
  4. Maybe, but with countries like nazi germany or soviet union in the game, i really miss these drastic options.
  5. In my opinion this could be a drastic assimilation to prevent revolution against the country and to instantly stabilize the choosen region. It would be like plundering, just you can use this on your provinces too, and this is focused on erasing a minority in your lands, of course, youre not allowed to start a genocide on your own people, and the source country of the minority would start hate you, or do the same, the requirement would be to have a different amount of army in the province. And you cant do genocide if you have democratic or tribal country.
  6. Well, it could be a requirement, so you can only vaccinate in those provinces which have got hospital, or its neighboring province got one, and maybe if you raise the level of hospital you can increase the vaccination border to the other provinces 😄
  7. Actually, it wouldn't be a bad idea, if you could make an event like that, to disable an option like using vaccines for a reason like that. 😄
  8. Well, i think it shouldn't be an option for a vassal to offer vassalization for the vassals lord, but if it is, then they not gonna be vassal of each other, instead of that, they switch the roles.
  9. It would be a nice thing to prevent plagues/sicknesses in your provinces if you could vaccine the people in the selected province after you reach a selected tech level . Well, just like in real life it could not work if the region has been already infected, or its vaccined against other infection. It could work like assimilation processes, so its not an instant solution, and can kill those people who arent got the choosen vaccine just in time. Thank you for your time reading this, and sorry for the bad english.
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