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  1. also I can help you for that events (I know adding pictures to events and have lots of Idea fro making events)
  2. Province(s): Sealand I have Ideas for some events -Soviet ultimatum for naval bases from bosphorus and cities of Kars, Igdir and Ardahan (Post Tsardom borders) if Turkey accepts (really small percentage) a civil war would be start (Fascist or National Socialist IDK) if Turkey refuses; -Soviets gain claim in this provinces -Turkey will get events for Korean war and sending soldiers to there for joining NATO -Korean war (I'm not sure is this in game or not) -Mao birds war -Military juntas in Greece (1967) and Turkey (1960-1971-1982) I don't think you would add 1982 one but thats OK! -Cyprus peace operation/Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 -Turkish tensions with Syria at around 1957 (almost started a war) -Turko-Greek tensions (Greek pressure to Turks in W. Thrace and because of that, Turkish pressure to Greeks in Istanbul) -Independance of Sealand (if you add that province) and Civil war for Sealander throne with Roy Bates(Post-Prince of Sealand) and a German guy (yes, Germany intervenes and saves that guy for recognition of Sealander independance) I hope you can read this!
  3. what about 1.30 provinces? Will you add them?
  4. Will you do events for Turkey? I can help you if you want
  5. and there is a province called "fokus" (name of Lukaszs dog) in sahara
  6. no I guess. But he is working on a new game
  7. thank you! queastion is how can we download this?
  8. or made mods in IOS version?
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