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  1. they united in 1936 in real life and I think it would be better if they unify earlier in this scenario so they can stay strong against Communist Brazil
  2. and you can't change that Europeans are Indians (according to your logic)
  3. he should understand calling people as Mongol isn't racism, this is just being ignorant.
  4. it isn't a feature in AoH2 but IDK why there is religions in UI
  5. ok Indian, (your real nation before you invaded real Europeans' lands)
  6. they really use Mongol and Mongoloid for calling people idiot? So they lost to a bunch of "idiots" for centuries thx for information man
  7. I'm still trying to understand why you European keyboard warriors are using "Mongol" as a insult Even it isn't a insult 😄 just is looks weird and please understand Turkic people aren't Mongolic and Mongolic people aren't Turkic both are Altaic and this is just like calling a French as Spanish
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