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  1. or made mods in IOS version?
  2. hi I want to add something to game in IOS but how can I open its files?
  3. I think it will be better if you add Transylvania
  4. Can I use your civilizations in this mod for my scenairo (dont worry about credit)
  5. Hello guys; I'm mading a scenario named "Battle Royale" I dont mean game of Battle Royale I mean I will add civilization to every single province If you give me some Ideas or some more civilizations I will be happy Good days 😉 and I will give credit to mod creators which is I used their mods for this scenairo Note: If you help me with more civs. or etc. I can release a beta :)
  6. I tried it but if I made less or more provinces what will happen ?
  8. it doesnt work in my game like vatican in algeria
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