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  1. I want to tell you about progress of this scenario. After this Sunday, I will begin again work with this scenario. Thank you for reading
  2. May be create new scenario, where was an alternative French-Prussian war? Where is France sould win.
  3. What was if Civil war in the Poland?
  4. What if Islamabad became capital of British Raj? I think it wasn't British Raj. Maybe it was Islamic Raj or another name.
  5. I suggest the following: What If will no one win? The countries which participated in the war will declared peace. Because of this in these civilizations will be many Civils Wars. How for you this idea and need its develop?
  6. As well as I know Russian, because I was borned in the Russia
  7. This is good idea, but why Finland will declared war to Russian Federation and Russian Federation will be Soviet Union? I understand that it is alternative scenario, but why? I know that Finland and Russia are friends and if will be Soviet Union again, maybe he will collapsed (again) 🙂 I am repeating, this is good idea.
  8. And on android? My friend needing in it
  9. If someone wants use for civilization, you can use. I created the flag myself, and if you want to use it for a script, don't forget to specify me.
  10. To be honest, when I've dealt with some problems
  11. I want to inform you about the development of a new scenario. It will be like " another world." What will happen in this scenario? First, the action will take place before WW1. The United States and other countries will support the independence of not only Ethiopia and Liberia, but also other colonies. Africa will be free, Asia-partly South America, North America. Portugal would retain some of its colonies, but Angola and Mozambique would become independent States. Great Britain will lose a number of dominions, with the exception of the British Raj. And the colonies will get the status of
  12. Time of scenario is the 1st of January 1933 If you will see "!☆...☆!" It is mean the word "new" I want to introduce you to my scenario "Germanyreich". This scenario is somewhat similar to Fuhrerreich and Kaiserreich. Changes:В Европе: Германия победила Антанту, но в то же время потеряла свои колонии в Африке, Океании и Азии, но является великой европейской страной, потому что она имеет большое влияние в Европе. В СССР идет гражданская война. Украина отделена от СССР в результате захвата территорий поляками. В Великобританию приезжает партия технократов. Во Франции раскол происх
  13. Hmm. Will you created Asia or Africa, or N.America (and S.America too) in the future?
  14. I created this scenario too, but I made it on the android. Lukas had explained to me, what I can't upload this scenario to forum from android. It is very sad.
  15. How did you it? I have android too, but I don't know how doing it. I am say about, how did you upload to forum your scenarios?
  16. Лукас, ты можешь мне помочь? Каков размер короны в игре? Например: коммунисты имеют красную звезду над флагом, а демократы-корону и т. д. Also, can you recommend a font for AoC2 for me?
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