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  1. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    Pls add Elba Island
  2. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    Could you add one more province in Malta, Spain - Portugal border ( because there was a little changes in history ) , and French part of Monaco ( because France bought 95% of Monaco 's territory
  3. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    The best mod i've seen , when does it release ?
  4. what if you in the Future ,compilate these maps in a one huge map like a world map , but adding islands , attols , territorries
  5. My plan is joining maps of diverse creators on a unique huge one , including forgotten islands , attols and territories , but i can't do it by myself , so i ' m sharing this idea
  6. Please add Guernsey and Jersey , Elba island , Adriatic Islands
  7. pls add all british raj , including burma , chinese caxemir , butan , and may be afeghanistan
  8. Please add pakistan and Bangladesh in this map , indian border is goring
  9. Add Memel in lithuania and more provinces in Transnystria and Tannu Tuva pls . This mod should be in addon+ when it is finished
  10. Will you create a lot of provinces too ?
  11. Msm2077


    Borders of German Empire and Romania wrong , but it's awesome
  12. Turkestan is amazing , Great job bro
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