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  1. Could u make Guernsey and Agean Islands as separated provinces , add Italy Islands of Elba and the islands around Sicily ; and subdivide the current provinces , mainly Hre , for more accurated Nations , similar to the German map .
  2. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    Could you send me the Android version ?
  3. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    Imperator Rome
  4. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    Anyone can gime me a link for this mod , I can do scenarios with my historical knowledge and test
  5. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    Thanks bro
  6. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    Did the hre will be more detailed in this mod , and the provinces in adrianople ?
  7. Thank you , how i get it ?
  8. ask for Join in the ' More provinces ' project , with @Germoney The Attackerand @Hetman2311
  9. Could you help on the hetman project ? For add this mechanics and I would like They add more historical annexations and less spam troops and massives expansions
  10. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    Someone can work on this , excuse me for too many askings
  11. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    Could you make a detailed map of hre , I understand it's so demanding , but i guess this map make it possible
  12. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    Could you ?
  13. Msm2077

    More Provinces

    Could you ?
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