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  1. Could u add Neum strait ( Bosnia ) ? A --------- ( not curve one ) , i don't know how do speak 'reta' in English
  2. Could someone add More Provinces on this mod ? And with a Android version plz
  3. Thanks for help , How Long u need for complete this great project ?
  4. How many months to do ? Are u programmer ? Could u change AI and about some points , per example : Make the provinces in the game work like as tiles , but with manual rotes to move and the normal format of provinces Fort system of Eu4 ( but with more provinces blocked ) Side troops block advance , sides an total encircled troops like as Ew4 • Smart , Diverse and Historical treaties ( AI accepts terms easier ) • Eliminate the movement system , but put roads to improve mobility , enlarge the attriction to avoid spams Improve Research focus , to expand exponanci
  5. Could u make Guernsey and Agean Islands as separated provinces , add Italy Islands of Elba and the islands around Sicily ; and subdivide the current provinces , mainly Hre , for more accurated Nations , similar to the German map .
  6. ask for Join in the ' More provinces ' project , with @Germoney The Attackerand @Hetman2311
  7. Could you help on the hetman project ? For add this mechanics and I would like They add more historical annexations and less spam troops and massives expansions
  8. There is a project of hetman , he is doing exactly it , You could help him to finish earlier and add a lot of more provinces , I dunno if you have a historical borders and states knowledge , if you have , you can help with it too
  9. Could you add the voltaire's and the Hetman's world project when these release ?
  10. it be intersting if you make the Ardennes Forest campaing
  11. My plan is joining maps of diverse creators on a unique huge one , including forgotten islands , attols and territories , but i can't do it by myself , so i ' m sharing this idea
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