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  1. hopefully it's 1 gb of RAM.
  2. don't bother waiting for the last version if you have a Samsung Galaxy J3 Pop (which I own), considering the 13,000 provinces. this mod, lite and all, for 0-1.9gb lite users it is too good to be true.
  3. sad, was gonna play this mod, but I see PC flaunting it's annoying abs over the apks. I understands though considering a phone can't apparently play the full mod.
  4. Hey um, I have a problem trying to create a city on the android port of aoc2. when I created a city/capital/town (for example: Weimar (should I want to put as the capital of the Weimar Republic in 1919-1933)) it disappears instantly, have I done something wrong?
  5. Theres a bug in which a scenario gets removed upon creation of a new one.
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