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  1. Anyone has or knows how to get ''bg'' map with provinces for the official ''Europe'' map? Because the only ''bg'' map you get with this is for ''Earth'' map...
  2. So how do I edit ''Europe'' map? The ''bg'' map is only for the Earth map. How do I find ''bg'' with provinces for ''Europe'' map?
  3. I also have that problem...the only way I know how to fix it is to make a civ on my own...it's because the modders make those civs in ''make a civilization'' editor and that doesn't save when you transfer files.
  4. I have a problem with my Europe map...it seems like my ''data'' file in the ''map'' folder is broken...can someone please upload their ''data'' folder in ''map'' folder or the whole ''map'' folder so I can download it?
  5. I also asked on another forum if someone can upload their ''map'' folder because now this happens:
  6. It’s kind of hard to understand what you are trying to say 😂 You don’t have that folder? Or you are not near your pc at the moment?
  7. I did but it didn’t work Could you maybe upload your “data” folder? The one i highlighted in the screenshot? sorry if I’m being annoying 😂
  8. Yes but when I click on it the game crashes That is why I need your “data” folder to replace mine with…the “data” folder I highlited in the screenshot I sent you
  9. Thank you but I still need this ''data'' file because when I click on ''Europe'' in settings and when I need to select the scale it says there is NODATA...
  10. Could you maybe upload your ''map'' folder (the one that has: backgrounds, data, Earth, Earth_Aoc1, Kepler...) so I can download it? Because it seems I don't have the same provinces...
  11. Is there a beta version or do we have to wait for the full release?
  12. How do you have more provinces? Did you download a mod? If you did, could you send a link of the mod?
  13. Well that’s a bit dumb…but they still wouldn’t get the whole country 😂…if it takes over 80% to capitulate then they would get only 19% of the country 🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. But wait…doesn’t the country who has taken over most provinces get to capitulate that country? Why would Luxembourg get to capitulate the whole country by just taking over one province?
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