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  1. Indeed, Lukasz should have added access to the directory folder in the internal storage before release. The problem is that AOC2 for Android is a direct port from PC meaning that the folders are hidden which is kind of a fuck you to the people who supported Lukasz, the mobile users. You'd have to root it to be able to mod it but people like me that have devices which don't have support for Custom Recovery or Root will just need to hopeful that Lukasz programs it in. I doubt it is hard as well because Minecraft Pocket Edition had directory folders since 2011 when Mojang was still a small indie
  2. It is the file name of an application for android devices.
  3. Only problem is the IOS side of things, Apple doesn't like it's users tempering with game files.
  4. I believe it shouldn't restrict the player or computer from violating the DM treaty as well. It would just notify the player that there has been a violation of the DM treaty and it would give you the option to either go to war or fine the country. (More options would be nice as well)
  5. I was playing as Mexico in the Victorian scenario and had invaded Haiti. As some of you may know, Haiti had occupied the spanish colony of Santo Domingo and I thought of establishing a Dominican Fascist Republic because their flag looked cool. So I go select a civilization and it states that it is a Democracy. The only way I found to solve this is by invading it a second time and releasing it, I also found that this only occurs when selecting a non existing civilization, otherwise it works like well with default Civilizations pertaining to said scenario
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