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  1. That's normal numbers. But we still need updates.
  2. Ok, but can you please explain why my post was removed? I would like to know.
  3. Oh, I thought you were using a PC version.
  4. You can also use enter to enable and disable it.
  5. yikes we should have put it on mega.nz
  6. UPDATE: https://twitter.com/jakowskidev/status/1237365824492617729/hidden He's now censoring people on his twitter page, because people are pointing out that he's not updating the game. Lukasz is being more incompetent day by day.
  7. In this current pandemic, the game should me made free to keep on steam for a limited time! People wanting to play the game should have a chance and get to play right now for free! Please listen to us, Łukasz.
  8. Yeah, I can prove it too. Here's when I created the mod. He tweeted it on March 10th, after I made the mod. And the original thread was deleted. I think @Tuyuko made a reply. He also didn't give any credit to me for making the mod and also the colour looks similar to my mod. Try it for yourself and compare it. https://twitter.com/jakowskidev/status/1237365824492617729
  9. Lukasz, why did you remove my mod and posted it on your twitter without your credit? I would like to know, can you respond to my PM?

    1. Diego544xd


      Enserio hizo eso?




  10. The thread was removed for no reason, so I'm gonna repost the code for the disease. { Name: "Coronavirus", BeginningYear: -5000, EndYear: 5000, DURATION_TURNS_MIN: 20, DURATION_TURNS_EXTRA: 20, OUTBREAK_CHANCE: 0.10, OUTBREAK_PROVINCES: 10, OUTBREAK_PROVINCES_EXTRA: 5, EXPANSION_MODIFIER: 1, EXPANSION_MODIFIER_EXTRA: 8, OUTBREAK_SCORE_POPULATION: 0.5, OUTBREAK_SCORE_ECONOMY: 0.2, OUTBREAK_SCORE_DEVELOPMENT_LOW: 0.1, OUTBREAK_SCORE_DEVELOPMENT: 0, OUTBREAK_SCORE_HAPPINESS_LOW: 0.05, OUTBREAK_SCORE_HAPPINESS: 0.1, DEATH_RATE_MIN: 0.05, DEATH_RATE_EXTRA: 0.001425, R: 120, G: 45, B: 45, }, I don't know why it was deleted, also why did Łukasz repost my mod on his twitter without credit? Can I please have an answer? I wasn't even told of the deletion.
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