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  1. One last update to the mod. It has been cancelled due to school work increasing and a lack of interest for the project. I might make small map projects, but this map is officially on hiatus until I regain interest in the mod and the subject it beholds.
  2. Oh, sorry for responding late. I live in MST time, and I made the leaders and map and stuff using the map editor mode, and I went into the steam files and got the files that were editied and dropped them into the RAR file I made. On android...i'm not sure.
  3. I'm fine with that. I'm allowing anyone to review, as I think it's cool to see someone use my mod
  4. Hello! An update, I found out that i set some nations to democratic and got the Iranian border a bit wrong. This'll be fixed in Version 2.0 once i finish doing other things!
  5. Looks nice, i'll give it a try once im done finishing work!
  6. Also, I added the download as I thought releasing it to the public now is good. The "1385486846" or whatever file is the scenario, so you can just use that. Everything else is optional most likely, I haven't tested.
  7. I probably will, but the thing is I don't know which game. Any suggestions?
  8. Hello! I am a new modder in AOC2 and am working on my own personal project as a side-project, with it being called The Great Brotherhood. It is about a German Victory in world war 2, with it starting a cold war between the Axis and the US. (Italy vs Germany vs Japan vs USA). This does NOT want to aim to be historical but a fun scenario that will include multiple events and interesting decisions that could risk your nation. Will you see the Axis rise to be a god, or fall to be a peasant? Well, you will find out when the mod comes out! Estimate of when it comes out: Unknown, WIP M
  9. So, I was making a mod for if Germany won WW2, and everything was going really smooth until I restart my pc. I start up the game, it crashes at 99%. I check the debug log and it says [0910/162553.744:ERROR:settings.cc(325)] Settings version is not 1. I have not found anything about it on the internet and I really need to know how to fix it without destroying all my progress.
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