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  1. Hi, uh, i'm brazillian (so, sorry for my bad english) and I was thinking of creating a kaiserreich map on aoc2, with all the events I can see that I think I can put into the game, I have to do some civilizations like Mittelafrika and the map after I finish the map I will release to you and after a while I release with the events Hope you like it
  2. help me please, I was making a map of Kaiserreich, I had already put all the civilizations and was doing the events, I made some 7 events, but I opened the game map to continue editing and the game was without any civilization with the screen flashing and could not go out, if I open the map to play happens the same thing, has it happened to you? can you fix it?
  3. the game is all messy and ugly, Already tried to edit everything leaving normal but does not change anything, has a total restart aoc2?
  4. o jogo esta todo bagunçado e feio, ja tentei editar em tudo deixando normal mas nao muda nada, tem como reinciar total o aoc2?
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