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  1. The fall of the Eagle by Eisen&Hooman -Turkic Khaganate and East Turkic Kaghanate and more -Events DOWNLOAD:fall_of_the_edge.rar
  2. What we understand from this? Lukasz love COD
  3. I'm gonna stop you right there and proof you wrong with this PROOF i found
  4. Aw shoot, I've been waiting it for months! Thx Vis UwU
  5. Supremacy 1914 a BAD WW1 map Here it is ladies and gentleman, a very bad WW1 game. Download:1555874827855dizhjkyz.zip
  6. Forest Brothers The Italian Divisione Yugoslavian Civil War (1942) Italo - Turkish War UPDATE 17/02/2019 WW1 Eastern Front Russo-Japanese war Winter War UPDATE 18/02/2019 Mexican Civil War Shoubak Rebelion National Protection War UPDATE 22/02/2019 Fall Gelb Barbarossa First Sino-Japanese War French Invasion of Russia UPDATE 23/02/2019 Jacobite Uprising Kościuszko Uprising Syrian Civil War of 1925 Arara Revolt Mosul Uprising 1959 UPDATE 15/04/2019 Serbo-Bulgarian War Italian ivasion of Greece Vespers War Scottish-Norwegian War DOWNLOAD:History Battles.rar
  7. Hey you! Yes you, are you tired of playin'g the same civ? Well not anymore! with this new Formbale civs mod made by me: MOD: formable_civs.zip
  8. The World of Versailles The 1919 Mod. (Hooman & Eisenherz) -Events -New Flags -New Ideologies -New Countries -Lenin and Rosa Luxembourg -Some 20th Century musics DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/t4gsvj9tz115stt/1551462626033scvoobhi.zip/file ATTENTION: NOT ALL NATIONS HAVE A CUSTOM FLAG!
  9. I remaked the folder, try it now https://files.fm/u/v6zefmkh
  10. The World of Versailles (Work in Progress) ATTENTION: the borders might be incorrect because of the game map. The Great War ended, new nations are rising and other falling, will history repeat itself or it will change for the better?
  11. Ok, let me see what i can do to fix this
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