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  1. Eisenherz

    Event dont start

    nope, sorry. but in poor words i create an event with everything. but when the date came nothing happen
  2. Eisenherz

    Flag Competition

    A Contest huh? Well, so then let me serve you my flags.
  3. Eisenherz

    Event dont start

    When i made with the editor some events it seems all ok, but when i play the scenario where i put the events they never appears. You have a reason why they don't start?
  4. Eisenherz


    Non sapevo ci fossero degli italiani su questo server, pensavo d'esser l'unico, o al massimo in 2. ma comunque BENVENUTI!
  5. Eisenherz

    The Man in the High Castle

    Is not all Germany tbh
  6. Eisenherz


    BENVENUTI Questa è la "sala" italiana della community di AoC2. Qui parleremo di cose riguardanti il gioco.