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  1. I may be able to help you, but it may not be completely correct in a cartographic view because I have limited resources, but I can attempt.
  2. 1581289936528hbfcfqru.zip
  3. I know this isn't really your fault, more addon+'s fault, but i felt like mentioning that the exclave Bavaria has is too large, it is about the same as 2 provinces shown inside of the game but in reality, it is actually half that size. Also, just for more stabile and easy-going gameplay, if you are proposing it, you should probably give it to Prussia.
  4. What I would do is make a file named "1577680699802zowhpmvd" and put it into Map -> Earth -> Scenarios and when you download all of the files put them into the file. (sorry for all of the files, i just cant find a better way.) 1577680699802zowhpmvd 1577680699802zowhpmvd_A 1577680699802zowhpmvd_C 1577680699802zowhpmvd_D 1577680699802zowhpmvd_HRE 1577680699802zowhpmvd_INFO.json 1577680699802zowhpmvd_PD 1577680699802zowhpmvd_W 1577680699802zowhpmvd_E
  5. Pretty self-explanatory (when you download the actual map right click instead of left and select "Show in folder" 1574629564691yzeebzrqRead if you need help.txt
  6. I'd make a file with the same name, then go to map -> earth -> scenarios.
  7. Just another one of those cold war scenarios 1572653702620mjvfblfq
  8. Slovenia has too much land and "Yugoslavia" should be "Serbia and Montenegro". This mod is good, but just need a little adjustment. I also made the same thing where there is less mistakes. 1572650333933klfhmmax
  9. (REPOST) This is my first scenario so don't bully me. 1572650333933klfhmmax
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