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  1. I created a tool that allows you to basically delete a province from a map, just put the IDs for the provinces in the "provinces.txt" file, and run the exe, and you'll get basically empty files with the province IDs you wrote as the name inside the "provincefiles" folder. it's mostly just a tool for lazy people like me that don't want to copy and rename files for an eternity when making simple edits like deleting a continent. the program and provinces txt file have a tutorial inside them. Happy map editing. I guess. Province Deleter for AoC2.zip
  2. Soo... i was just playing normally, when finland (my ally) decides to start a war (again) with some random person. so i accept being the good friend i am, then i have to ask for military acees to cologne, so i do, but then Finland wants to get into a war with burgunfy for the 10000000th time, and cologne is allied with burgundy, but i have military acess so it glitched and i couldnt atack cologne
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