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    What is the rofl mod about?
  2. Yep if it is Aoc3 and it's on Android I hope Lukasz puts more time into fixing bugs. Because I can't even get to turn 700 it just either crashes or the next turn button stops working.
  3. What version is the mod cuneratlly on?. Sorry my spelling is bad English is not my first language
  4. He has already told you that you can when it's realsed
  5. I Hope it is otherwise I'll be only able to play to next year
  6. It's good but it's really slow
  7. Would it be available for Android?
  8. I think it is glitched events don't work for me either. Do you have Android or pc?
  9. I think a solid colour would look better aswell
  10. Still in development?
  11. This is going to be the best mod if it comes out
  12. It's been 2 months is this mod dead?
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