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  1. It seems like an interesting project, which distinguishes itself from the rest of the mods. An interesting idea would be to also include different "megafauna" as civilizations (though they obviously weren't), since the tribal government could help to simulate their herd movements and conquering them could simulate the "Hominid" civilizations hunting them down, and eventually bringing them to extintion. They could have an image of said herds instead of a flag too. Again I congratulate you, and hope you'll be able to finish this unique project!
  2. Hello @Commieslav! If I had to recommend some sites, those would be this ones: http://w.ethnia.org/?SL=en https://www.worldstatesmen.org/ From personal experience, the two sites are more than useful for things as leaders, political entities, ethnicities, administrative divisions and similar stuff. For flags and related vexillological topics, https://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/ , is always a good start. I also reccommend searching in other vexillology sites for guidance (http://www.vexilla-mundi.com/; http://www.loeser.us/flags/;https://www.reddit.com/r/vexillology/;
  3. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'll post some of the progress of this last week, but I won't go much into the details of it (since the area isn't finished at all, and some things are subject to change. Yes, I've been working on the civilizations of: the North West Frontier, the Princely States of Pakistan, The area of Jammu and Kashmir and the Badakhshan region (and it's neighboring areas). Different Valleys, inhabited by a whole lot of small ethnic groups, who are very different from each other, but that are similar on their spirit of independence. Pamiri, Wakhi and Sarbani trib
  4. Sorry if I haven't been answering comments nor posting any updates as of lately. I'll answer some here below, and talk about the silent progress I've made this last weeks: No te preocupes, si entiendo español (aunque generalmente escribo los post de este mod en inglés pues así la gran mayoría puede leerlo jajaja. Ahora, con respecto a tu recomendación sobre la una versión "alpha" del mod, bajo estricto rigor, el escenario en sí es una alpha/beta/etc. de un mod que probablemente desarrolle (comente sobre ello en el primer post, y también en algún otro de la página anterior). Aunque sí,
  5. The Chattisgarh Princely States: Well, to be exact, this update it's more of an update of the Chhattisgarh area (since I added Patna before for example), and so giving some "finishing touches" to the Chota Nagpur States. This time, and unlike with Odisha, I don't have such a firm grasp over the topic, when writing about this area, but I'd say that the concept of Chattisgarh, was 'fairly new' for the time period of the scenario. Chhattigarh was once ruled by the Gond Dynastyes, being the area called Gondwana after the Gondi people, but after the Maratha conquest of the area the name
  6. Thanks for your help and for cheering me up then! To be fair, I'm trying to give this mod all the effort I can, mostly for it to live up to the hopes and expectations it could have. I'll also look into asking for help to someone who has more experience with editing provinces (adding provinces to the map, etc.), but I don't really want to bother some of the others modders, especially since most are already more occupied with their personal projects ( On the other hand of that opinion, my future plan for the mod/scenario, is to be able to have a team that could help with it's developing).
  7. The Region of Odisha and It's Princely States: The region of Odisha, or at the times of the start date of this scenario, Orissa, was composed of a recollection of different princely states which operated under a sort of "semi-independent rule" under the suzeranity of the British East India Company, and subsequent British Raj. The Region itself has a unique identity (but to be fair, most regions of the indian subcontinent have a very unique culture, if they are compared with each other), but that culture is slowly deteriorating after the different external rules the area has passed throug
  8. Yes, It took some time, but is coming right up! North American West Coast: Indigenous People of The Pacific Northwest: As I previously mentioned, the territories of the Northwest Plains and Pacific Coast weren’t under a single government during the start date of the scenario, but under the power struggle of British and American expansionism, being the zone known either as the “Columbia District” or “Oregon Country”, but to be fair, the territory wasn’t exactly a barren wasteland where the two world powers previously mentioned could just expand declare governance, as different People’
  9. I forgot to post this screenshot of the Celebes and other islands containing the indonesian princely states. Also, Thanks for the 1830 views of this scenario/mod! I know that I haven't announced an official release date, but I hope to finish it soon for the enjoyment of the community :)
  10. British North America: Western Provinces of Canada. Canada at the time of the start date of this scenario, wasn't exactly what one could call an "united" country, nor even colony, but a collectcion of different colonial possesions, under british suzerainty. Some where previously french colonial possetions, that still mantain those french traditions, others are territories under a 'private company' that mantains the 'order' under the area, and others took repercutions from the american revolutionary war, such as being more loyalist to the english crown, or preparing themselves to take insp
  11. Pretty nice job! I'm looking forward to see the future of your project. On a side note, about the different civilizations, I think that you forgot the Boer Republics of South Africa. Transvaal Republic and the Orange Free State, the Adamawa Emirate (big vassal of Sokoto), and (correct me if i'm wrong), I think that the Kingdom of Kongo should still exist at the starting date of the scenario?
  12. UPDATE: Sneak peek to the different nations of the Great Chaco Region and Argentina. *Changes: Added different "tribes" of indigenous people from the area known as the Great Chaco. Ranging from different Added Huarpe people to the south. Fixed the starting name of the "Calfucura Domain (Cacicazgo of Salinas Grandes)" to be called "Kallfucura Domain" (The name also changes depending of it's ideology). Added the "Unitarian League" to represent the "Liga del Interior", the unitary-liberal goverment of the "interior provinces" during the second unitarian-f
  13. LITTLE UPDATE: SHOWCASE OF FLAGS FROM THE FEDERATED MALAY STATES OF "BRITISH MALAYA"! Another collection of kingdoms of the malay penninsula. Will one of them be able to unify the Federated Malay States into a centralized state, be it to ally with the British, or to gain independence from them. I really liked how this chart turned out. I tried to bring into the table a moderate amount of flags for different ideologies, based on existing flags or different cultural elements of the civilizations. This is a little update, and I apologize for being late, since I said i'd post it ar
  14. Thank you! I'm trying my best to not dissapoint with this mod. The scenario doesn't have a release date for now, but I want to release it 'soon' at least as a beta (I want it to be a mod in the future, but obviously, I wanted to start it as an scenario, in case I'm only able to complete that part of it). I've been a little occupied with university and the fact that the version of the mod I was working with got bugged, so I have to go back to a previous working backup of it (meaning that I have to add again all the civs I've made, their colors, formable nations, etc)...So after fixing t
  15. LITTLE UPDATE: SHOWCASE OF FLAGS FROM THE UNFEDERATED MALAY STATES OF "BRITISH MALAYA"! A collection of kingdoms of the malay penninsula. Being put in the middle of the growing influence of the British Empire on the area while at the same time some of them starting the game as satellites to the Rattanakosin Kingdom of Siam. The struggle for the dominion of this region could even mean the future for the domination of South East Asia. So, here they are. The different "unfederated" states of Malaya. I've decided to confect a variety of flags for different ideologies for the nation
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