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  1. In the game folder, you should be able to find the "map" folder. There, you have to go into the correspondent map folder you are searching for (the "vanilla" one being obviously "Earth", but for example, you could also acces "Kepler" from here). Go then to the folder called "cities". There should be 6 "json" files there, five called "cities" and one called "mountains". Open any of them with a text editor, and the names and cordinates of some cities will appear (as far as I know, the contents of each file aren't grouped by any real standard. For example, the "cities.json" file at first loo
  2. Hello, and sorry for not posting earlier (again). I don't really have much to say as of now...since I was occupied with a certain "side project” (that I won't spoil until the moment comes). ...But this reply is not related to that, but rather to the future of this mod. I'll start with answering the question that has somewhat surfaced during this last month: “Will there be more scenarios”, and although @Commieslav has answered it before (I think that I mentioned earlier, but he is the spokesperson of our modding group), but since It also serves as a way to clarify some things, I'll do
  3. Hello, and welcome to the second entry of “To-Fix”, where I explain different aspects of the errors, plans, and some more about this scenario and the future of it as a mod. A. Central America and the Caribbean: This part of the Americas is really beautiful place, ain’t it? Although I have to admit that I’m somewhat ignorant of some parts of its history (I have more of a “general view” of somethings, but ignorant of others…so if you know some more, feel free to correct me). But I’ll try my best to address some things here. - Belize’s name will be change
  4. Hello everyone, I’m back again to answer some comments (while I, as always, apologize for my delayed response). If you want to see some "notes" about the scenarios, go down the responses, until you see the maps Some short responses: I'm glad that you now can enjoy the mod without more problems. And to respond to your question below: We plan to add events, but not for the scenario version (when the team decides that its the moment to open our thread in the mod section we will explain a bit of this). The mod version will include events that we are currently deciding (as @Commi
  5. Thanks for uploading the UI! I was wondering why the Addon+ UI was appearing in the mod. I haven't tried it yet, but I congratulate you for your work in this modification.
  6. Sorry for the late responses. Glad you are enjoying the mod, although with some problems it seems haha. I tested if there were any bugs with Teke or something, but nothing popped up, so maybe it was a problem with your device? Also, it also looks like it ended up fixing itself, or did you do something to fix it? Eh...no... I haven't really advanced in the other scenarios, but in my defence, it was because I first needed to add a lot of civs to the game, to be able to complete the following scenarios. I'm also not sure if I'll release them with these sce
  7. Final map for this version of the scenario, direct screenshot from the android port. So yeah, it’s finally here. The “Victorian Age” Scenario’s beta version. The first release of “Dawn of A New Era”. A scenario that I lost its progress, either partially or totally, at least two times before, and which has changed quite a bit during its development. DOWNLOAD HERE (for android): https://drive.google.com/file/d/17Ik8gs7n7Xb5j8ApQtrLHaVL162b0Z8_/view?usp=sharing Some of the features of this beta version: - A ton of nations from which to choose from, with al
  8. After all this time, I thought that this mod was dead. Glad to see I was wrong hahaha. I hope to soon see the fruits of your work, and the way you hype it up with how ambitious it is already excites me. In the end, I'm sure that you'll bring even more things to an already fantastic mod, and I congratulate you for your work! Have a nice day!
  9. Well, I'm still balancing things out (trying to get the EIC and the Dutch East India Company, to not brake free so easily), and fixing some minor bugs (for example, there were some civs that although they had a "civ" file, you couldn't find them while searching them in game). I added some more formable nations, and kept the previous ones from Addon+ (though for the real release I won't keep them), and even replaced some old nations with newer versions (mostly some chinese vassal states). Also, I want to state that this beta is a somewhat "bare-bones" version of the scenario, but I wanted
  10. Amazing job with the Muscowien Collapse! Also, the new UI looks incredible too! Congratulations, and I wanted to say that your work with this mod is marvellous! Please keep up bringing good content to this community!
  11. I ported a test version of the mod to my android device. The scenario runs at somewhat similar speed to the one of the 1440 start date scenario. Also, yeah, the mod now works for mobile (I finally figured how to port to androind), so that's some good news. On the other hand, I'm in the middle of fixing some issues before the beta release, like: -The technology levels. -Some missing cores. -Add some formable nations (at some point I erased all of them, so I could revamp them). -The starting Top civs of the Ranking (since in this version, France, the Qing, the Otto
  12. "Small Update": Southern India Princely States and Cores: Hello, here we have another "small update" for this scenario/mod...so let's get straight to the point. Kolhapur, Hyderabad, Mysore and The Karnatik/Arcot: Kolhapur and Karnatak are the totally new ones here: Kolhapur, the orange state over the Portuguese territory of Goa, being a playable nation from the start, ruled by a Maratha dynasty (hence it's flag, showing the typical shape and color of those). On the other hand we have the Nawab of the Carnatic, covering the eastern coast of southern India, a former state, w
  13. Hello! Here's some info about the Don-Kuban Union (in case you need it), and of it's "real-life" inspiration (the Don Republic, and the different Cossack Hosts). The Kaiserreich version, although I'm not sure if the info is up to date (considereng the existence of the remake and Kaiserredux): https://kaiserreich.fandom.com/wiki/Don-Kuban_Union And the real ispo for it: "Sketch of the approximate position of the different Cossack Hosts (Not including the Black Sea ones)" "Map showing different ephemeral states of the Russian Civil War, emphasis on the difference
  14. I've actually thought before about doing that; But to be fair, it hasn't been implemented yet. Mosltly because I have to search the seals of the different territorys present at the start date, (If I'm not wrong, would be The Florida Territory, the Territory of Arkansas, The Territory of Missouri, and the Territory of Michigan), considering those with some actual control of course (Not like the Oregon Country or the "Unorganized Territories"-Which will mostly be tribes, with the US, or other territories of it, having cores in those provinces). "Map Above, showing the territories".
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