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  1. It seems to me it automatically saves a file of a province you have drawn. But I'm just guessing.
  2. I have noticed that while making tons of events, there is not copy/duplicate event button. This would be extremely helpful in creating multiple events of the same type.
  3. I know, but for convenience for the sake of the downloader, zips would be much easier. Instead of downloading a new program, just use a zip.
  4. I would recommend changing the .rar file into a .zip file, since some people do not have WinRAR! You need to put the custom countries into the ,zip file, as I am getting blank civilizations. Anyways, good start for this mod!
  5. I might see what I can do. But I do want to keep this as realistic as possible. But thank you for this! By the way, is Brazil this divided? If so, I did not know that.
  6. Futura Mod update 0.2.0 is now out! Enjoy the new scenarios, bug fixes, and updated ages, governments, and diseases!
  7. As far as I know, Brazil will be neutral? That is actually a great question for you to answer! Any feedback from you would be nice!
  8. Goodbye 2018! Hello 2019! Happy new year everyone! 2018 will be missed!
  9. Yes I have! Here they are: 1. Technologicalism 2. Noocracy 3. Cyberocracy 4. Singleton 5. Futarchy 6. Gerontocracy 7. Demarchy Best of all, all of these are real and possible future types!
  10. This scenario is based off of numerous other scenarios. The Ukrainian Crisis in this scenario lead to a non-nuclear war, and lead Crimea becoming independent. Ukraine would remain in one piece. I also devoted research into China and other countries. A Chinese civil war is very unlikely in the next 50 years due to surveillance, nuclear weapons, and other factors. Trust me, I wanted to break apart other countries including China. Plus, China in the future will surpass the United States economic wise. But in the future, and even today, war is not viable for many countries (this is also why I did
  11. ~ A mod that aims to bring the future into Age of Civilizations II ! About: Futura is a total conversion mod that aims to bring the future into Age of Civilizations II. New scenarios, events, UI, music, and so much more has been added to Age of Civilizations II. Let the future be in your hands with this mod. Remember, this mod is realistic, and all features are based on today. However, this is based purely on political standpoints (obviously climate change and other drastic effects could or would have happened). Also, these scenarios might change based on current politica
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