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  1. 절 도와드린다면 뭐든 도와드리고 싶지만 사비탄이 뭐에요?
  2. 아, 한국 커뮤 있었어요?? 죄송해요, 몰랐어요. 혹시 괜찮다면 링크 올려주시겠나요?
  3. I am a high school student in Korea. So I don't have the ability yet to create a system of games like this, also I don't have the most important time.
  4. provisional korea is republic Chosen Government is fascism
  5. I want create scenario about WW1. (Precisely, I want to make a map of 1914.) And I already make "Chosen General Government (조선 총독부/Government of When Korea was a dependency of Japan/Capital is Seoul, territory extends to all Korean peninsula and Jeju Island.)", and I'm making a "Provisional Government Of Korea(대한민국 임시정부/Capital = territory = shanghai in china)". But I can't create scenario. Therefore I beg you. Help me. and It's the flag of civilization I talked about. Up is provisional Korea, Down is Chosen Government. Help me...plz
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