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  1. Reason 1 Congratulations on being right
  2. Just the title, I might create any that seem amusing to me. I was working on an Imperator Rome Replica but.... I quit for reasons..
  3. I work on it whenever I have nothing else to do, so 23 events is very good.
  4. 0.10 is out now, but it is only Sparta and Athens, 0.12 is when all of greece is done, so.. maybe not tommorow.
  5. The Most Ambitious Project of Age of Civilizations 2. Imagine Rewriting History, from all the way from 5000 BC, leading a tribe, to a gigantic mega superpower in the 1000s. See Civilizations rise and fall, force others into submission, on a grand scale. Each Civ has it's own story-line, that only expands into world domination, a tech victory or even, trying to create the modern day (if your boring) Build 9 NON-PLAYABLE! historyretold0.09.rar Current Build (Build 15) Balkans-Italy-Greece-Turkey History Retold
  6. Plan is, Every Civ would have it's own story-line that branches out on you or the AI's choices. Oh and Btw if you want to I am almost done with the Spartan story-line I'll upload a Greece scenario allowing you to rise from a tribe all the way to becoming greece Current Development (after about an hour of trying to get the event system to work.)
  7. maybe through a file explorer you could go to the application's data
  8. Turn your scenario folder (e.g. spanishwar) into a .rar or extractable file, then drag it into the attachment box. for events you can figure that out on your own, they are pretty self-explanatory
  9. you should add events such as the German, Italian and soviet support. and also pls add download link
  10. In Development, Expect Beta to Be Released Soon, only Europe for now. Imagine if Every Civ had a chance to survive and become a superpower, and Thrive in all of history. 1000s of Events will be in the game, going to try to use events to add deeper colonization system. Add Suggestions Below. Edit: New Post "History Retold"
  11. Remember in AOC1 where we had a turn list, deciding who went first, maybe the same thing could be implemented, so everyone does their turns at the same time , them according to the turn list the players went in order.
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